FAQ <Before moving in / After moving in>

FAQ <Before moving in / After moving in>
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FAQ <Before moving in / After moving in>


FAQ <Before moving in / After moving in>


This page is a list of FAQs we receive <before and after moving in>.

If you have any questions or concerns about living in a share house, please check this page before contacting us.

In case you do not find your inquiry on the FAQ page, please contact us below.


For inquiries not listed on the FAQ page…

<Before moving in>

To our Gmail or our official LINE during the inquiry process.




<After moving in>

To the official LINE for residents only

FAQs before moving in

Here is a list of FAQs before moving in to Kizunaya share house.

(Q1) What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own bedding, shampoo, detergent, etc.

Hair dryers are available for shared use.




(Q2) Can I bring or donate a bed or electrical appliances?

Basically, we do not accept donations of beds and appliances, as we have them already provided.

You can keep your own electrical appliances and kitchen equipment in your room. Please note that they cannot be placed in the shared space.




(Q3) Can my friends come in to help me on the day I move in?

This is possible upon prior application and notification. Please use the form below to apply, and let the resident houses know about it as well.
Visit/Stay overnight application form




(Q4) What should I do if I want to send my stuff to move in?

Please send it to your room number in the House.
The address should be confirmed from the address field of the electronic contract or the initial email attached to the initial fee invoice.

Also, we ask that you pick up your parcels yourself. We do not accept deliveries prior to your move-in date, so please make a designated delivery after you arrive at the house on your move-in date.


(Q5) I would like to change the date and time of the move-in day and orientation because something has suddenly come up.


If you need to change your move-in date, please contact the Management Office, which we communicate with you when you make an inquiry.

Please note that in the event that the move-in date is moved, we will not accept a pro-rated rent refund after the initial payment has been made for the resident’s reasons.


In addition, a change fee of 3,000 yen will be charged for changing the time on the day of move-in. If you wish to change the time, please contact us at least 3 days prior to the move-in date.


In the unlikely event that you arrive more than 30 minutes late, there is a possibility that we will not be able to accept you and the orientation on the day of your move-in.In this case, a change fee of 3,000 yen may be charged as well, so please be careful about the time of arrival on the day of your move-in.

FAQs after moving in


A list of FAQs after moving in to a share house.



(Q1) Where should I contact if I have any questions about the facilities of the share house?

Please contact us through the <Repair Cleanliness Form>. If you are inquiring about facilities, please contact us with specific details and conditions, including the model number.


(Q2) How do you manage the shared equipment in the house? What should we do in the case of missing items?

We calculate the average number of supplies per year for each house, and automatically order and send a month’s delivery of necessary supplies at the beginning of each month according to the number of residents. The supplies arrive at the houses around the 5th of each month, but in case of shortages or lack by the end of the month, we would appreciate it if you could contact us via the< Repair and Cleanliness Form> to let us know about the missing supplies.


For automatic orders, we will manually inventory the supplies once every three months during the monthly cleanliness visits, and we will make every effort to send the appropriate number of supplies each time.



(Q3) I would like to move to another room. How do I apply?

If you wish to move within the House, please check the following notes and apply from the <Room Move Form>. Our staff will contact you with the availability of the type of room you wish to move to.


・Applications will be accepted in order of application. If a viewing has already been scheduled, the first person to be guided in order . Please understand that you may have to wait if we are not able to show you the room right away.

・We will charge 22,000 yen as a transfer fee if you move your room.
・For contracts from January 2022 or later, we require two months’ notice before moving out. We will ask you to follow the new contract rules when you re-sign the contract.
・Initial fee will be charged again.
・If you have insurance, you will be required to sign a new contract.
・In principle, all belongings must be moved on the day of move-in.
(If you have belongings in two rooms, you will be charged rent for two rooms. The move should be completed in one day.)



(Q4) I will be away from the House for only 1 month. Tell me about the application process for the absence discount.

You can apply for the long-term absence discount from a minimum 1 month. Please check the following and submit the application from the <Long-Term Absence Form>.

<Confirmation >

・We accept applications at least 1 month prior to the desired date of use. (For periods less than 1 month, you will be charged the normal common service fee even if you are not at the House.)

・You are not allowed to visit the House while you are on the system. In case you need to pick up your luggage, etc., you will need to apply in advance. In addition, if you stay in your own room, you will be charged a separate accommodation fee (1,000 yen).
Visit/Lodging Application Form
*If you are found to have entered the room without permission, you will be ordered to stop using this system and pay the full amount of the common fee for the period you were away from the room.

・The maximum period of use of the system is 3 consecutive months, and after 3 months, the common service fee will be charged as usual.

・The system will be used on a monthly basis and will not be prorated (For example, if you wish to use the system for one and a half months, the common service fee will be reduced only for 1 month.)



(Q5) What should I do if my friends or family want to visit the share house?

Please check here first and apply in compliance with the regulations.



(Q6) I lost the information on rent account.

Please check the house guidebook or the initial fee invoice.







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