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Kizunaya share house concept

Living together more than that

KIzunaya shared house is Japan’s no.1
socializing-focused shared house.

Only members who are interested in communication in shared house ,
so it’s perfect for people who want to have intercultural exchange and international communication.

This shared house is not just a living place, but also a house where you can experience culture.

To all foreigner who are looking for shared house in Japan

Welcome to Japan!
  What is your reason for coming to Japan?

For learning language, for job, for travel, there might be many reasons.

By living in a Kizunaya shared house , you can feel”I love Japan even more!” We provide shared house where you can feel like that

We would be happy to support you with your housing so that your stay in Japan will be truly wonderful.

This page, we introduce the reasons why we recommend kizunaya shared house and Features of our shared house