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Kizunaya share house concept

”Living together, more than that.”

It's not just about living together.
A share house is a way of life.

The things you've always wanted to do,
The things that fascinate you naturally, The things you love that you want to improve

Living with people who cherish what you cherish as much as you do.

Some nights you will forget that time is passing, some times you will be relieved by someone's thoughtfulness, and some days you will be surprised by yourself that you never know.

The people you live with will become like your family, and the days you spend with them will push you forward.

Living together, more than that.

Kizunaya is here to make such an experience happen for you.

Now, from among the many share houses try to find your "more than that"

Why Choose Kizunaya sharehouse?

What do you consider important when choosing a share house?
Location, facilities, and cost. Of course, these are important!
However, living in a share house is living with other people, so if you're going to choose a share house, the kind of people you want to live with is just as important!
We'd be happy if you could realize your ideal share house lifestyle at Kizunaya sharehouse.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of share house living you can enjoy at Kizunaya sharehouse.