House Guide 1 (Basic Overview)

House Guide 1 (Basic Overview)
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House Guide 1 (Basic Overview)


House Guide 1 (Basic Overview)

List of each house guide

Regarding the use of LINE and the contact point for inquiries


Please be sure to check the official line as we will send you information from the management.
Please be sure to check it.
You can also exchange one-on-one messages.

The management can send messages to all residents, but messages from residents can only be viewed by the management.
Blocking the official line is prohibited during the period of occupancy.



Click here for the official line for residents only.




Use of House Line


Please join each house line.
Please introduce yourself after adding a house line.
House lines are available for everyone to communicate with each other.
However, please be considerate when posting after midnight.

It is prohibited to delete other residents from the house line without permission.
It is also forbidden to remove yourself from the house line during your stay.

The manager will only send out messages to the house line.
We will not be able to respond to any mentions to the secretariat’s line or the manager’s personal line in the group.
Please make sure to submit your application in a formal manner.



【Basic response time of the inquiry counter】


9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Basically, we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry via the form.
*We will respond in order of urgency.



[Closed] Wednesdays and Sundays

Inquiries received on Wednesdays and Sundays will be returned the following day.



In the unlikely event of a lost key, gas leak, or other urgent inquiry
Please contact us at the phone number below.
For all other inquiries, please use the form as usual.


<Emergency Contact Number> 050-6877-6385 (Company representative)



For various inquiries


Inquiries about equipment problems, repairs, and cleanliness



Rent Payment Inquiries




Inquiries about communication in the house



Consultation regarding moving out and room transfer requests
(If you have any questions or need advice before applying)

▶︎Please ask questions from the official line



Room transfer application form



Move-out request form



“Long-term absence discount application form



宿泊申請フォームVisit and Lodging Application Form
※ Please contact us [by 19:00 the day before] for a visit and [by 3 days before] for an overnight stay.



Shared equipments


Shared equipments will arrive around the 5th of each month.
Tenants are requested to organize and replenish the equipment upon arrival.
Shared equipments include cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc., for use in the kitchen and bathroom.


Personal use of shared equipment is prohibited.
(e.g. Using tissue paper in your room, etc.)
Please note that you will be charged 3,000 yen for the use of the shared equipments if it is discovered. Please be careful.


Fixed consumable supplies are as follows.

Please note that we cannot accept requests for the type or manufacturer of consumable supplies, as they are fixed as shown below.


Annual equipmentて

“Kitchen utensils (pans, cutting boards, etc.) and other fixed utensils are basically replaced once a year.


Please use shared equipments with care, as we will not be able to purchase new equipment immediately in the event of damage.”



Handling of room keys (for those in private rooms)


One key will be given to those in private rooms.
If you lose the key, you will be asked to pay for the replacement of the key.
It is possible to make a spare key, but you will be asked to return both the real key and the spare key when you move out.

For lost keys, a separate fee will be charged for making a new key.




About the Cleanliness Visit

Once a month, the management staff will visit the house to check the cleanliness of the common areas.


We will also check the shared space of the dormitory.

The day of the visit will be announced on the house line by the staff member.





Donated items to the House

We will not accept such kind of donations of “I don’t need this, so I want to donate it to the House” (game equipment, muscle training goods, musical instruments, kitchen utensils, Bicycle , Furnitureetc.).
Please note that the Kizunaya will not be able to accept these donations.


If you have any personal items that you would like to donate, please ask other families to share them by posting a message in the house LINE group.




Rules for Visits and Accommodations

<Corona infection prevention measures>2022.11.1〜
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation with the COVID-19 countermeasures taken in the House on a daily basis.
We will allow [visit and stay] between Kizuna House share house residents / alumni house / friends and family of the residents.

The application deadline for [visit] is 19:00 the day before the day of visit.
[Overnight stay] application must be submitted at least 3 days prior to the visit.

▶Application Form:

▼ Application Steps

⑴Applicants submit an application form

Visiting friends and family

<Corona infection prevention measures>
Allows [visits and stay] by friends and family members of residents.


Whenever you visit, please make the date, time, and reason for your visit known in the house thread.

Please check each house template. Please be sure to introduce your friends to your guests.

We do not allow visitors from outside when residents are not present.


Accommodation Rules

At Kizuna-ke Share House, we want you to be able to interact with other Kizuna-ke Share Houses throughout the country. Friends and family can also stay at the share house if rooms are available.


A fee of 1,000 yen per night will be charged for lodging at a sister house, regardless of whether it is in Tokyo or Osaka.

Accommodation for former house family members and outside friends will be ¥2,000 per night. Consecutive nights are limited to one week, and the purpose of the stay is to interact with each other in the share house.


We cannot provide bedding for guests. Guests are requested to prepare their own bedding or to use the sleeping bags that are available at the house. Keys are not available.


Please pack your belongings and keep your valuables by yourself. If you wish to stay overnight, please submit an application to the dedicated form at least 3 days prior to the scheduled stay.

Please note that lodging without application or last minute application will not be accommodated.


When an unauthorized visit or unauthorized stay is discovered

<In case of unauthorized stay is discovered>
We will confirm the fact by calling you directly, and if the unauthorized visit is confirmed for the second or more times, we will charge you a violation fee of 3000 yen. In addition, we will ask you to sign a consent form so that we can prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

These rules were set to ensure that everyone living in the Kizunaya share house can enjoy their guests’ visit without any worries.
Even if the person breaking the rules does so lightly, it can cause anxiety for the other members who share the house.
We have a visit and stay system since we want everyone to enjoy communication between the houses through the visit and overnight stay process.


Please make sure to apply with morals and planning, fully understanding that following the rules regarding overnight stays and visits from outside is a manner and consideration for the members with whom you share a communal life.

If you have any questions about it, please contact the official LINE “Kizunaya House Management Office”.

Gohan Kai Point Application

Click on the image below to learn more about applying for Gohagokai points! Please check the details.

If you want to jump to the form immediatelyFrom here!




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