Kashiwa -#HASH 196- house guidebook

Kashiwa -#HASH 196- house guidebook
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Kashiwa -#HASH 196- house guidebook

Kashiwa -#HASH 196- house guidebook

1・Basic Information

【a sharehouse you move-in】
Kizunaya sharehouse#HASH196


HASH196, 4-11-8 Asahimachi, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0852, Japan


【Entrance PIN】
Please check the notes in the House Manners LINE group.


【About the account for rent transfer 】
Tokyo Shinkin Bank Kami-Itabashi Branch
Ordinary 4093777


Please make your transfer by the 27th of each month (or the preceding weekday if the 27th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday).
For rent, please contact us at the e-mail address below.



For your room, please check the [SSID (=wi-fi name)] and [暗号化キー (=password)] on the back of your wi-fi router,
Please connect to the Wi-Fi router with your device.

Shared spaces can be connected by the following means.

Please refer to the communication board of each house for the password.

< You have a bad connection with WIFI? >
We will do our best to help you.
Basically, WIFI is a free service, and we cannot promise an internet speed for 24-hour.

If you need to use WIFI without any trouble for work or other reasons,
please sign up for another WIFI by yourself.


【Regular cleaning】

There is regular cleaning twice a week.
Please refer to the Cleanliness Visit Sheet for the areas to be cleaned when you move out and the areas to be cleaned regularly.

Basically, regular cleaning is “daily cleaning plus more”.
As a sharehouse is not a hotel, we kindly ask that those who use the sharehouse keep clean any areas that have become dirty in daily life.

Post and mail

Please confirm your room NO.
For dormitory residents, the post box is shared.
As for the mail, you must be in the house when you receive the mail.
Please specify the date and time for delivery and pickup in person.
Please do not pick up packages belonging to other tenants.



<Home Delivery Box>
The home delivery box is only for overseas family members who do not have a domestic phone number.
The password will be sent only to those who are eligible to use the delivery box. People who are not eligible to use the delivery box will not be able to use it.
If you do use the box, it may take some time before you can retrieve it.



<Receiving packages>
When it comes to deliveries, please be sure to pick up your own packages “by yourself”.

If you receive a package that does not belong to you, do not accept it.

When you place an order online, please make sure to include a note in the remarks field addressed to the courier company when you place your order.
Please call the registered phone number when you arrive at the front door.”
Also, if you ask someone to pick up a package individually, please make sure that the person who received the request hands the package directly to the person in question.

■Please cooperate in receiving items used in the House, such as shared equipment.


The entrance

【The entrance shoe box.】
Please use the part of your room number.
Shoes must be kept in your own room except for the designated number of shoes you can put in the shoe box. Please be careful not to leave them in the entrance.

Shared slippers are available.
Please use them when going to the garbage station.
Please arrange them neatly after use.

【An umbrella stand】
Please use the part with your room number.
Please be careful not to store it in a place other than your room number.
Also, umbrellas are often misplaced.
It is recommended that you mark your umbrella with a rubber band with your room number to avoid mistakes.
Also, please be sure to fold your umbrella before putting it away.

【How to unlock the double lock on the entrance door】
When the number appears again after pressing the entrance number, the door is in “double lock” status.

The double lock is set to leave fingerprints in various places, and can be opened by touching the numbers that appear on the dial one by one in sequence.

Bringing Bicycles


【Bringing Bicycles】

The following plans are available for bicycle parking with a limited number of bicycles.
Without roof: 500 yen/month
With roof: 1,000 yen/month
Please contact us from the official LINE to check if there are any bicycle parking spaces available.
(Unauthorized bicycle parking is strictly prohibited.


We do not have a designated parking lot for cars.
Please contract a parking lot nearby by yourself.

【Bicycle Rental】

<Rental Bicycles001>
There are bicycles available for rent for the house. Usage is limited to short periods of time only.
If you would like to use two bicycles, please use the template below and leave a message in the #HASH195 Conversation/Gohankai LINE group.


<Bicycle rental>
◼️Date of use→
◼️Time of use→
◼️Bicycle No.→

= =


*This is a free service added as part of our free service when we have extra bicycles available. Please note that this service is subject to end without notice.
If you wish to use the bicycles for a long time or on a daily basis, please check the availability of the bicycle parking lot and use your own bicycle.


*Currently, 002 rental bicycles and air conditioners are operated by volunteers of the residents. (Representative: Mr. Souki Kimura).Please ask him if you would like to use this service.



【How to use the shared refrigerator】
You are not allowed to store personal food in the shared refrigerator.
Please be sure to clearly mark the date on the refrigerator when storing food for a party or when sharing is allowed.
Also, most of the seasonings that are left over basically go unused and dry out. Therefore, for hygiene reasons, please dispose of any leftover seasonings or uneaten food.


【Personal Box in the Kitchen】
Please use the area with your room number.
It can be used as a storage box for seasonings and foodstuffs that can be stored at room temperature.


【Shared rice and seasonings for each house】
Please check the rules for each house.
Shared rice is available only for rice parties at 50 yen per cup.
Please confirm how to use it separately.
Shared seasoning is made possible by your donations.
If you wish to use it yourself, please donate something else.


About the "Poi-Poi BOX"

There is a Poi-Poi BOX in the seating area for temporary storage of personal belongings that are left unattended.
Please be careful not to leave anything in the shared space.

Spaces on each floor

1st floor unisex
2nd floor female
3rd floor female
4th floor male


1st floor unisex (women only at the far end)
Unisex on the 2nd floor (men can use the front one only)
3rd floor female
4th floor male


<Washing machine>
1st floor unisex
2nd floor Unisex (women only at the far end. Dryers are available for both.
3rd floor female
4th floor male


Men are not allowed to enter the women-only space.
Even on the unisex floor, it is not allowed for the opposite sex to enter each private room.
If it is discovered that a person has entered a room, it will be a breach of contract.
If you would like to allow a couple to stay in a private room, you may apply for a double room.
Please make sure to declare and sign the contract before using the room.


<TV in the private room>
There is a TV terminal in the private room, but if you have trouble connecting to the TV, we can provide you with an external antenna.
In that case, please let us know.

The garbage dump outside


There are no trash bins for cans, bottles, or plastic bottles in the house.
Please dispose of them directly at the garbage station outside.
Please rinse out the inside of PET bottles and dispose of the labels and caps separately in the dedicated plastic trash cans.

The pink bags are for burnable trash and the yellow bags are for plastic trash. For garbage produced in your own room, please purchase your own bags and dispose of them directly at the garbage station.


Use the bath and wash space

You can use the shared hair dryer.
When storing wash baskets, please wipe off the water before storing.
Please be careful when storing baskets as they are susceptible to mold and mildew.

*Pipes for baths, showers, and sinks are not as thick as those for toilets, so if solids get into them, they can cause clogging.
Please be careful not to flush hair down the drain.


manners check

We ask you to report whether the rules and manners in the common areas of the house are being observed according to the Manners Checklist.
The order of responsibility is by room number.
When you are on duty, please check within a set period of time.

【how to divide the duty】
1F&2F Male
2F Female


【Replenishment of equipment during manners check】
When you are on etiquette check duty, replenish the supplies on the first floor under the sinks on your floor.


There are pictures and memos posted on each floor showing how many and what should be replenished under the sinks, so please refer to them before replenishing.


About publicity in thread

If you want to make it known to everyone in the whole thread, please use English as it is okay to use a translator for overseas families.

Use of the Atelier


During the Corona virus outbreak, the number of remote workers is increasing, so if you want to use the private room for online meetings, etc., limited to the dormitory members, you can use the room for up to two hours by writing
(1) your name,

(2) the time, and

(3) the details of your use on the whiteboard posted on the door of the atelier entrance.

It is also prohibited to take tools out of the atelier.

Please be careful not to leave cardboard boxes or other oversized garbage in the studio.


Use of Co-working Space


Basically, private conversation is prohibited. Please leave the coworking space to talk, make phone calls, etc.

The books on the bookshelf are basically donated by everyone.


You can only read in the co-working space, so basically you can’t take them out. You can drink but can not eat. Please eat in the living room.


Please be aware that there are many people who leave their personal belongings behind.


Use of the Theater Room

There is a projector in the room, so you can connect your own PC or other devices to enjoy movies. If you would like to rent the room for an event with other house family members, please make a reservation with


(1)your name,

(2)time, and


If you are a dormitory family and would like to rent out the room for a private event, please use the atelier.


As a rule, Percussion, brass and woodwind instruments, etc. are not allowed, although instruments with adjustable sound (piano, guitar, etc.) may be played.

Please be aware of the loudness of the sound after 8:00 p.m. Because it is not soundproofed.


Use of Lawn Space

The hours of use are from 9:00 to 18:00.
Eating and drinking are allowed. The lawn space is very close to the neighboring apartments, so please be considerate of the noise level during the daytime as well as after hours.


Use of Kids' Rooms


Please make sure that children under elementary school age play within the reach of their parents.

Hot water may be a little difficult to get out, but if you try to let out the full volume of the hot water with a lot of force, the sensor on the water heater will turn on and hot water will come out. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your cooperation.


About Sofa & Seating Space


The curtains of the windows on the bicycle parking lot side behind the house are soundproof curtains.
(Seating space, sofa space)

Because it reduces sound leakage to the floor above and to neighbors. Please pay attention to the volume at night and at the same time Please close the curtains after 8:00 p.m. at night.


smoking area

There is a smoking area along the outside wall on the right side of the house. Smoking is only allowed there. Please cooperate with other smokers to dispose of cigarettes in the ashtrays in the smoking area. Smoking is also not allowed on the balcony of the room.


Hostel Pass Usage

【Notes on using the Hostel Pass】
For basic rules, please refer to the notes in the “#HASH196 Hostel Pass/Guest Contact” thread.

■Same-day reservations are not accepted under any circumstances.

■Only advance website reservations made by 17:00 the day before are accepted.

■Telephone reservations are strictly prohibited.

※If you make a reservation on the day of your stay or if you stay at a place by a method other than an advance site reservation, you may be asked to pay an additional amount for actual expenses.

※Please read the detailed information on how to make reservations for each location on the page before you jump to the official website. Please be sure to read them carefully and make reservations in the correct manner.

■The Hostel Pass plan is not available when using the Long-Term Absence Discount.

★We also have dormitory rooms available, but you can upgrade to a private room if you pay the difference yourself.
If you would like to use a private room, please fill out the application form and pay the difference on the day of your stay.

【Cancellation: Cancellation Policy】
Please note that 100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made one day prior to your stay or for no-shows (no-shows without notice).
(The cancellation fee will be the amount for a regular stay.)

The cancellation fee will be notified by the management staff later, and will be charged together with the next rent transfer. Cancellations must be made at least two days in advance, and please do not cancel the day before or after.
In the event of an unapproved cancellation, for whatever reason, you will be prohibited from using the room for six months from the date of cancellation. Please be careful.


【Corona Vortex Cautions.】
We ask that you refrain from staying in the following cases, so please make sure that you do not apply to any of the following before using this service.

①Those who have been corona-positive for less than 2 weeks.
②Persons who have been sick (fever, no taste, etc.) within 2 weeks
③Persons who had a close contact within 2 weeks

Front door

<How to unlock the double lock on the entrance door>
The double lock is set to leave fingerprints in various places, and can be opened by touching the numbers that appear on the dial one by one in sequence.

<How to unlock>
①Leave the door open and lock the key to make the door locked.
②Touch the number pad.
③Enter the passcode
④Enter [#]
⑤Enter [5]

<How to return to auto-lock enabled>
You can set whether or not the door is automatically locked when you close it.
1 With the door open, press the unlock button to lock the door. (The deadbolt is released.)
2 Touch the number pad.
3 Enter the PIN.
4 Enter [#].
5 Enter [#] again.
6 Enter either [4] or [7].
[4]:Enable auto-lock
[7]:Disable auto-lock

For Family Households / Living with Family


In the notes section of the “#HASH196 Talk/ dinner” LINE group,
■for information on using the kids’ space.


For singles / living together with children


HASH196 is a multi-generational share house. We have an average of 5 families living in our house. Please keep the following in mind when communicating with your children.
1・Please do not give children any food or snacks without their parents’ permission. Even if the child asks for it, please ask his/her mother if it is okay to eat it.


2. Be careful when it is dangerous. If there is a risk of injury or accident, warn them of the danger. When doing so, do not joke around, but look them in the eye and tell them seriously. If they don’t understand and continue to do something dangerous due to their age, try distracting them by suggesting a different way to play.

3. Teach your child about sharing rules. Depending on the age of your child, you may need to teach him or her how to put away toys or put things away, if he or she can understand the rules. Don’t just say “No!” but also tell them why it is not allowed so that they can understand.

4. If you have any problems in communicating with children, please consult with their parents. It would be great if you could learn from each other how to communicate with children and how you always do.


Garbage Disposal

【Designated garbage bags】
Chiba has designated garbage bags.

【About burnable trash】
Put them in the designated pink bags and take them to the garbage station.


【Plastic garbage】
Please dispose of them in the designated yellow bags for plastics.
Be sure to wash the container clean before discarding.


【plastic bottle】
Please remove the caps and labels and place them in the designated net bags for plastic bottles.
There are no trash cans for plastic bottles in the common area, so please dispose of them at your own trash station.


When the bag for PET bottles at the garbage station is 80% full, please tie the mouth of the bag and put it out of the garbage box.
If you fill up the bags after they are full, they may fall over and cause garbage to be scattered.
Please make sure to use a new bag for 80% of the trash. Thank you for your cooperation.


【recyclable garbage】
Please put them out in the designated net & collection bag.


There is a cardboard collection box outside.
Please tie the cardboard together with string and put it in the collection box.

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