Kashiwa #HASH196 Share House is the largest international exchange share house in Chiba area

Kashiwa #HASH196 Share House is the largest international exchange share house in Chiba area
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Kashiwa #HASH196 Share House is the largest international exchange share house in Chiba area

Kashiwa #HASH196 Share House is the largest international exchange share house in Chiba area


Located in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, HASH196 is a large international exchange shared house for 100 people based on the concept of “dining around the world.。


Nearest station is Kashiwa station and Kashiwa station is a large terminal station on the JR Joban Line that connects to Matsudo and Kitasenju.Easy access to major stations in Tokyo with no transfers, 26 minutes to Ueno Station and 32 minutes to Tokyo Station.The JR Joban Line rapid train stops here, making it easy to use for people based at Ueno Station and Nippori Station, and it is highly recommended for those looking for a place to live in the Joban Line area, with relatively lower rent than the Kitasenju and Matsudo areas.It is one of the very livable cities in Chiba Prefecture.


The share house HASH196 introduced here is a community that is like a village.This house for 100 people can be lived under one roof with multi-generational families, from singles to families, from 0 years old at the bottom to 40+ years old at the top.This is a shared house where you can meet diversity and values that you can’t meet in your own community, such as school or work.


introduce more about Kizunaya shared house #HASH196 in this article!

This house is highly recommended for foreign people looking for a shared house in Kanto, Tokyo and Chiba areas.

Entrance with warmth and serenity


The spacious,opened Entrance is decorated with colorful antique floral lighting, which looks great against the natural wood warmth and chic wallpaper, providing a sense of security.



As you walk down the hallway, what catches your eye is a large mural artwork! This is an artwork by an artist who lived in kizunaya share house CANVAS. The painting, which can be said to be the symbol of #HASH196, depicts a group of people enjoying a meal together, and is a fun mural to look at because of its story-like design.

Bright and open living room and kitchen space


The living room where the most people gather at #HASH196



The stylish, café-like opened space is a charm that only a large scale shared house can offer. This is the main dining room. The spacious dining space allows many residents to gather around the table together. You can eat at your favorite place.



A view of the kitchen from the living room side. There is also a counter table, making the space look like you are in a café.

The space is bright and comfortable during the day, so house members naturally gather here. People who work in home can also be seen working here.



Spacious kitchen for those who love to cook!



The stylish island kitchen space has a three-burner stove and four sinks, allowing everyone to cook at the same time, which naturally sparks happy conversation!



And it’s fully equipped with space to store your personal seasonings, so you don’t have to go to your room to get them! There is also a full range of authentic kitchen appliances for those who love to cook.



100 ways to spend your time. 7 cozy common spaces!



A calm couch space at the back through the living room is a comfortable place for those who want to spend time.



Couch space next to it too!




There is a large seating area. At dinner time, children can be seen playing here until dinner is ready, and since there is also a television set, it is a place where everyone can enjoy gathering together.

Each of the 100 house member can enjoy their time according to their moods and the rhythm of own lives, and all naturally connected by a flow line.


Great common space for remote workers!


HASH 196 is a very comfortable shared house for freelancers and remote workers, with 24-hour unlimited working space, power and Wi-Fi.This space is strictly forbidden for private conversations, so it is a great place for those who want to concentrate on their work or tasks.There is also a library space in one corner selected by the Kizunaya Shared House so those who like to read can also enjoy a quiet time.



Also, on a nice weather day, working on the lawn space feels good! It would also be pleasant to do yoga here on holiday mornings.


Hobby time in the theater room


This is the theater room! This is a concrete room where sound resonates beautifully, so everyone can enjoy watching movies with a big screen and powerful sound, or enjoy music with acoustic instruments, etc. It is mainly used as a place where everyone can share their hobbies.
※Not a soundproofing facility.




There is also a kid’s room for families.

Clean wet areas and living room space


Each floor of the four-story building is equipped with a wet areas of the same construction.!


There are two shower rooms and one bath room with a tub, which is popular for those who want to relax and for families. There are also three restrooms on each floor, as well as a laundry space and a washbasin.



House members has high moral and the water area are very clean. Of course, there is regular cleaning.


Two room type option to choose



Here is a private room with a variety of wallpapers.
It has 6 tatami mats plus 2 tatami mats of storage space, so enough storage space you can use.
The room is equipped with a bed, curtains, refrigerator, air conditioner, and storage space, so this is a great environment for those who want to start living immediately.



Moveable shelves can be arranged to your preference. Curtains and mattresses are also included, making it perfect for those who want to easily start shared living with only one suitcase.



There is also a room only for dormitory room residents, so you can make phone calls here as well. This room is also equipped with a refrigerator and seasoning stored box only for dormitory room residents.

Online previews available! Please feel free to contact us!


HASH196 is one of the largest international exchange share houses in the area with 100 residents. We gladly welcome people from overseas who want to learn language and experience Japanese culture.


In addition to the rooms, there is a co-working space, atelier, theater room, and other shared spaces, as well as unlimited use of hostel passes, etc.
You maybe can’t believe this great service with this price


Students who are about to start living alone, freelancers and remote workers are the ones who will experience this value.



For contactHere。Feel free to contact! us









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