\Absolutely fun! /The festival that comes once a year is here again!

\Absolutely fun! /The festival that comes once a year is here again!
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\Absolutely fun! /The festival that comes once a year is here again!


\Absolutely fun! /The festival that comes once a year is here again!


【The dates for Kizunaya’s yearly Closed School Festival have been decided!】 


Once a year, people from all Kizunaya houses gather together for the biggest event of the year.

“Sarusho” is a renovated school building in a hot spring area in Gunma, and also the stage of our “Closed School Festival”!



The concept for this event is

“New experiences, new friends, a new you.” 


“Starry Sky Theater”, “Campfire Bar”, “Sports Day in Wonderland”…

The big festival is full of new experiences to help you find new friends – and also new sides of yourself!



・I want to change my current situation

・I want to communicate more deeply with different people

・I want to refresh my life through new experiences

・I want to believe in my own possibilities


If any of the above sound familiar, this could be just the event for you!

Naturally, those who want to take part in organizing the festival are also warmly welcome!



Welcome NEW WORLD!


Let’s have a great time together!


The Biggest Event of the Year is Here! “Closed School Festival 2023” Details


■Date: October 7 (Sat) – October 8 (Sun) (Two days and one night)

(October 7, 9 AM, Meet at Ikebukuro → October 8, 5 PM, Return to Ikebukuro) 


■Place: “Sarusho”, a closed school in Gunma where you can stay over

Site: https://www.sarusho.com/

* Their website is really cute, so please check it out!




■Fees: Starting at 17,800 JPY (Incl. one night and two meals, BBQ dinner and a breakfast, participation fees, round trip by bus)

1. Super Early Bird Discount 17,800 JPY (Apply by September 5)

2. Early Bird Discount 19,800 JPY (Apply by September 22)

3. Regular 20,800 JPY

4. STAFF DISCOUNT 17,800 JPY (Volunteers wanted!)

* No bus trip included (Fixed fee) 16,800 JPY (Staff: 15,800 JPY)




■Program (subject to change):

Starry Sky Theater, Sports Day in Wonderland, Campfire Bar, Soba Making, Natural Hot Spring, Oldies DJ, Morning Yoga, Nameless Love Letter etc.

* We will decide on the final program based on the volunteering staff’s special skills and preferences.




【 Only One Step Needed to Apply!】

Choose a number between ①-⑤ and send it to our official LINE account for house members!


① Participation in Closed School Festival + Interest in Volunteering as Staff (Staff participation fee 17,800 JPY)

* For ①, we will tell you what types of staff members are needed after you apply. You can choose whether you wish to volunteer after that.

② Participation in Closed School Festival (Super Early Bird Discount 17,800 JPY until Sept 5)

③ Participate only on Day 1 (Discount for participation fee applied)

④ “Figuring out my schedule! I want to take part if I have time!”

* For ④, we will send a reminder before the Early Bird Discount ends and before the festival is booked full.

“First, I have a question! (Insert question here)”




Kanto members, Kansai members, past members and new members are all warmly welcome!

We look forward to seeing you there!


See our past events here

仲間と空に踊って。〜絆家 廃校キャンプ体験記〜









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