House Guide 2 (Rules and Manners)

House Guide 2 (Rules and Manners)
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House Guide 2 (Rules and Manners)


House Guide 2 (Rules and Manners)

Common understanding of rules and manners


The rules are set by Kizunaya sharehouse and are to be followed in the shared living environment. At Kizunaya sharehouse, we place importance on the minimum rules for everyone to live comfortably and the maximum amount of manners to be considerate of each other.


First of all, please be sure to follow the rules.
Then, we ask that you be aware of the manners of consideration and concern for each other as you live comfortably with others.


※This rules article is a page of common rules for all Houses. Please refer to the separate house-specific articles for house-specific rules.




Common understanding about cleaning


In the unlikely event that the cleaning rules are not being followed, please share the fact that they are not being followed in the house LINE group, along with pictures.
If you find that you have forgotten or failed to do so, say sorry and thanks.
It is important for the person who tells you to tell the truth, not to blame the other person, and for the person who receives the message to properly apologize and express gratitude.

It is very important to have an open relationship with each other as a manner of cleanliness.


Rules for Room Use

・Fire is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
If tobacco use is permitted, a separate cleaning fee will be charged.

・Please turn off the air conditioner and lights when you are not in the room.

・When closing the door, close it gently.

・After 10 p.m., be aware of noises such as TV and phone calls.

Basic rules for using shared spaces

・After 8:00 p.m., please be careful about the volume of your voice.
Please close the windows and be careful about the volume of your voice in the evening.

・Be careful not to leave personal belongings behind.

・Please be careful not to leave cups or bottles behind when you leave the room.

・Please save electricity by turning off the air conditioner and lights after using the shared space.
Do not sleep in the shared space. Please go to bed in your own room.

Rules for using the bath and shower

・Please use the bathroom for 30 minutes at a time.

・Please put the diatomaceous earth foot mat prop up after use.

・Please use a tissue to remove and dispose of hair in the drain.

・Please do not leave shampoo or other personal items in the bathroom.

Rules for using the restroom

・All men are required to sit on the toilet.


・Please check the toilet bowl after use and clean it if it is dirty.


・Please replace the toilet paper core if it runs out of it.


Rules for using the washbasin

・Always remove hair after drying.


・Use a Quickle Wiper to remove hair that has fallen on the floor.


・Hair dyeing is not allowed in the bathroom.


Rules for using the washing machine and dryer

・Please leave the lid of the washing machine open.


・Please remove the dust from the dust catcher net.


・Take out the clothes immediately after using the washing machine. If it remains intact, it is OK for someone else to take it out.


・Be sure to remove dust from the filter of the dryer.


Rules for using the kitchen

・Always wash dishes after cooking before eating. Do not leave pots and pans unattended after cooking.

・Please replace the garbage net in the drain after every use.

・Please wash, wipe, and put dishes away properly.

・Wipe off grease with a towel after using the stove.

・Open the rice cooker immediately after cooking.

Rules for garbage disposal

・Please put food scraps in a bag and tie it before throwing it away.

・Please wash cups of ramen noodles before throwing them away.

・Please be thorough in separating garbage.

・Please replace garbage bags when they are 80% full.

・Please do not dispose of trash from your room in the trash cans located in the bathrooms on each floor.


Rules for recyclable waste

・Please keep your personal garbage in your room until the designated day for garbage disposal.


・Be sure to tie up your cardboard boxes and put them out the night before or the morning of the designated day. We also ask for everyone’s cooperation in disposing of the cardboard boxes that arrive with the house equipment.


Use of Dormitory

The dormitory is a shared space except for your own bed space. Therefore, it is against the rules to leave any personal belongings on the floor, or to use an empty bed.



There will be a monthly cleanliness visit to the dormitory space as well.
This is to check the use of the shared space and to make sure that we are maintaining a comfortable cleanliness. Thank you for your cooperation.




Rules for the use of dormitories


1・Keep good communication with the family you share a room with.
Have basic greetings and manners in sharing a room.


2・The following are prohibited
No open flames.
Eating and drinking in the rooms (no food, drink, incense, perfume, or other items that emit strong odors)
No phone calls, online video MTG, hair dryers, or other noisy activities.
Leaving personal belongings in the common space.
Basically, all areas are “shared space” except for the storage areas and beds.


3・Air Conditioning and Electricity Share
Please unify the temperature of air conditioner as follows
Cooling: 28 degrees Celsius
Heating: 23 degrees


Lights can be turned off after midnight. Please turn off the lights after saying a few words.





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