Fuse -FUKUHOUSE- house guidebook

Fuse -FUKUHOUSE- house guidebook
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Fuse -FUKUHOUSE- house guidebook


Fuse -FUKUHOUSE- house guidebook

1.Basic house information (address, rent account, wifi, regular cleaning)

【House Name】
Kizunaya sharehouse FUKU HOUSE
5-21 Choeiji, Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-0055, Japan
【Entrance PIN】
Please check the notes in the Manners of the House LINE group
【About the account for rent transfer】
Bank:三井住友銀行(The initial katakana is「ミ」.)
Brunch:ときわ台支店(The initial katakana is「ト」.)
Account Number:7123011
Account name:カブシキガイシャキズナヤ
Please make your transfer by the 27th of each month (or the preceding weekday if the 27th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday).
For rent, please contact us at the e-mail address below.
201〜207➞ fukuhouse2b
2FLiving, 208, 209 ➞ fukuhouse2a
301-308 ➞ fukuhouse3c , 3d
309~314 ➞ fukuhouse3a , 3b
4F C401: t8miu3c7″
【Regular cleaning】
There is regular cleaning once a week.
Basically, regular cleaning is “”daily cleaning plus more””.
As a sharehouse is not a hotel, we kindly ask that those who use the sharehouse keep clean any areas that have become dirty in daily life.

2.Community life (Confirmation of use)

This will be an explanation of the use of each floor, including confirmation of the location of personal use in the shared space.

Post and Courier(delivery box)

【About the mailboxes】
In front of the entrance, there is a mail box next to the auto-lock entrance key that divides the total number of rooms into four sections. Please check the mailbox that corresponds to your room number. If you have mail for another family, please share it on the living room tabletop.
For mail, please specify the date and time when you will be living in the house and deliver or pick it up directly.
【About Delivery Box】
Two boxes are available in front of the entrance. Please read the instructions on the box carefully before using it. Please check your mailbox for a delivery slip what box number your baggage is in.

Entrance (footwear box and umbrella stand)

【Entrance Shoe Box】
Please use the part of your room number.
Shoes must be kept in your own room except for the designated number of shoes you can put in the shoe box. Please be careful not to leave them in the entrance.
【umbrella stand】
Please use the part with your room number.
Please be careful not to store it in a place other than your room number.
Also, umbrellas are often misplaced.
It is recommended that you mark your umbrella with a rubber band with your room number to avoid mistakes.
Also, please be sure to fold your umbrella before putting it away.

Bicycle (Bringing Bicycles・Shared Bicycles)

【Bringing Bicycles】
Up to one car per person may be parked free of charge. Mopeds are not allowed.
If you park a bicycle, please attach the designated sticker.
Please make an offer on the official line.
(Items without stickers are periodically removed.)
We do not have a designated parking lot for cars.
Please make your own contract with a nearby parking lot.
All parking spaces in the building are reserved for the company on the first floor.
Temporary parking is not available, so please be sure to park in a nearby parking lot.
【Shared Bicycles】
There are two shared bicycles in the house.
Share A” and “Share B” are indicated on the stickers of the shared bicycles.
It is not intended to be used to park at the station for a day, but only for short periods of time, such as when going shopping at the supermarket.
If you wish to use it, please be sure to share it with the Manor Thread LINE group using the following template. (Please return them in place.)
*Unauthorized use is prohibited.
*In the unlikely event of unauthorized use, we may prohibit the rental of bicycles.
—-Template for starting to use —-
I rent a shared bicycle.
Name of user
Date of use
Bicycle to be used
Scheduled time of use→
You may be asked to pay for theft, flat tire, lost key, etc.

When use ends, reply to your own start-of-use post and state “I returned it!” Please state that you have returned it.
Best regards!
Use your bicycle with care.
Please make sure to let everyone know before you use your bicycle.
Please be sure not to leave your bicycle unattended.
If your bicycle is removed, you are responsible for retrieving it.
Please note that this is a free service added when there are excess bicycles available. Therefore, please understand that this service may end without notice.
*If you wish to use the bicycles for a long period of time or on a daily basis, please check with the office for bicycle parking space availability and use your own bicycle.

Kitchen (shared refrigerator, personal box)

【How to use the shared refrigerator】
Personal food that exceeds the capacity of the designated box cannot be stored in the shared refrigerator.
Please be sure to clearly mark the date on the refrigerator when storing food for a party or when sharing is allowed.
Also, most of the seasonings that are left over basically go unused and dry out. Therefore, for hygiene reasons, please dispose of any leftover seasonings or uneaten food.
【Personal Box in the Kitchen】
Please use the area with your room number.
It can be used as a storage box for seasonings and foodstuffs that can be stored at room temperature.

Bath and wash space (hair dryer, bath personal box)

【hair dryer】
Shared hair dryers are available.
【bath personal box】
One bath box (basket) is available for rent for each person and is stored under the washbasin.
The bath box is prone to mold and mildew if stored wet.
Please make sure to wipe them dry before storing them.
There are two baths with tubs.
If you want to take a bath in the bathtub, please write your name on the whiteboard of the waiting list if someone else is in the bathtub. Peak time is 30 minutes before the bath.
【About the window in the bathroom.】
The bath and neighboring buildings are very close to each other, making it easy for the sound to be heard.
We have received some complaints about this.
We ask that you do not open the window when taking a bath, but only when ventilating.

Outside garbage station

There is a net in front of the entrance and next to the bicycle parking lot.
Please place your garbage under the net.
Since this is a vendor collection, any garbage can be placed at any time.
However, to prevent animal damage, please make sure to tie the net tightly, double the amount of garbage if it is large, and place it so that it does not extend beyond the net.

Smoking Space

Smoking is only allowed on the balcony of the living room on the 2nd floor. Please prepare your own ashtray and make sure to clean up after yourself.
Smoking is not allowed on the balcony of your room or in your room.
Please note that a separate cleaning fee will be charged in the unlikely event that it is discovered.

Access to each room

No other tenants are allowed to enter each private room.
Please note that it is a breach of contract if you are found to have entered the room.
If you wish to have a couple of tenants enter your room, you will need to apply. If you wish to have a couple in your room, you will need to apply.
Please make sure to declare and sign the contract before using the room.

House cleaning

House family members voluntarily clean the common space together about once every six months.
We ask that you voluntarily clean up the common areas about once every six months.
We would appreciate your cooperation when you hold a cleanup.

Garbage disposal

【Garbage bags】
No designation
【Burnable Garbage】
You can put it in the garbage station installed in the house.
Please put them in the same garbage cans as burnable trash.
【Plastic Bottles】
Please remove caps and labels.
【Resource Waste】
Please put empty cans, empty bottles, PET bottles, and metal household items together in one garbage bag, and put spray cans and cassette cylinders in a separate garbage bag with the contents visible, and take them to the garbage station
Take them to the garbage station provided by the house. Please keep your own items in your room and put them out with a string by yourself.
【Oversize Trash】
Please refer to the link below for more information about oversized trash.
Please make sure to check if large items can be disposed of with regular trash, and if not, please check the application method before disposing of them.
Higashi-Osaka City Home Page

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