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Umigamesha / Enoshima , Shonan

Umigamesha / Enoshima , Shonan

12 minutes walk from Kugenuma Kaigan Station on the Odakyu Enoshima Line

30 minutes to Yokohama, 60 minutes to Shinjuku

All rooms have private rooms and storage

There is an atelier space

Reservation for viewing

The story of 13 people who live and finish

It takes 5 minutes from the house to the sea, and when you step outside the house, you can enjoy the scent of the tide and relaxed time. On a pleasant morning, do yoga on the beach, take a walk along the sea while watching the sunset, and talk with your friends around the bonfire. What I want to cherish is a polite life to regain my original self and time for dialogue.

Like a sea turtle swimming calmly toward the vast open sea
Why don't you start a new life here without being bound by the conventional framework?

A free environment where you can "be yourself".

A popular property for freelancers, creators, and artists. Video creators, actors, youtubers, and other creatives, as well as people who love the ocean and nature. People who like the ocean and nature, as well as those who are free to live their own lives without a fixed base, gather here. All rooms are private rooms and there is a women’s area in this popular area.

Living with the sea.

When you step out of the house, you can enjoy the scent of the ocean and a relaxing time. The ocean is only a 5-minute walk from the house, so you can go for a walk at sunset with other house members, or build a fire and talk with each other.

Atelier space available, recommended for creators

As a share house with many creators and artists, the house is fully equipped with a studio, wooden terrace, and other common spaces where you can work. The house is also equipped with a surfboard storage area, so in the summer you can go surfing at the beach and come home right away. This is a share house where you can go surfing in the ocean in the summer and come home immediately.

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Shared space

Private room

Floor plan

    Shared facilities / equipment

    Peripheral map/traffic access

    Nearest station

    "Kugenumakaigan" station


    "Katase Enoshima" station


    Main station access

    "Yokohama" Station


    "Kamakura" station


    "Fujisawa" station


    Peripheral facilities

    • Drugstore


    • supermarket


    • Shonan Coastal Park


    Property information


    1-chome, Kugenumakaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture


    15 minutes walk from "Katase-Enoshima Station" or "Kugenuma Kaigan Station"



    Initial contract fee



    ¥42,000〜¥49,000(*Prices on the website are Already applied to the 2-year discount. *6,000 yen will discount from regular monthly rent in the case of 2-year discount is applied. *3,000 yen discount from regular monthly rent in the case of half year discount is applied.)

    Service fee


    Security deposit


    Brokerage fee



    3 months or more


    Male and female residents, foreigners

    Number of Rooms

    13 rooms


    Cleaning fee of 22,000 yen will be charged when moving out.


    Room #



    (tatami mat)






    Women's Private Room








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    Can I move-in even though I cannot speak local language?

    Since Kizuna House is a share house where residents interact actively with each other, we receive many comments from residents that they are able to study the language by interacting actively with their share mates. Many residents have just begun their studies or are visiting Japan for the first time.
    In particular, share houses with the concept of international exchange tend to have many people who are interested in foreign languages and cultures and want to speak English in their daily lives. Rest assured, many have actually improved their language skills since moving in!

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    How much does it cost to move in?

    Initial fee of 44,000 yen and the first month's rent and utilities must be paid within 3 business days after the reservation is confirmed. If you wish to arrange for the purchase of a bedding set, a separate bedding fee of 10,000 yen will be charged. (Bedding set includes sheets, mattress pad, futon, duvet cover, pillow, pillowcase, and blanket.)

    *Rent and utilities for the first month will be prorated from the date of move-in.

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    When is the earliest I can move in after viewing the room?

    After viewing the room, you will be screened. The earliest you can move in is 14 days after passing the screening.

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    Are there any furniture in the private rooms?

    Yes, air conditioners, beds, curtains, storage space, and refrigerators are provided. Please inquire at the time of viewing for details.


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