We Welcome Back Our Former Members – Initial Fee 0 JPY!

We Welcome Back Our Former Members – Initial Fee 0 JPY!
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We Welcome Back Our Former Members – Initial Fee 0 JPY!


We Welcome Back Our Former Members – Initial Fee 0 JPY!


We are pleased to announce a special promotion for all of our former members who have spent time here with us at the Kizunaya Sharehouse.


There are many cases where residents have moved out once due to work or lifestyle changes, but wish to live here again. We have prepared a Welcome Back Scheme to make it easier for such people to come back to our houses.


At Kizunaya Sharehouse, we are always looking forward to your return.

Welcome Back Scheme


Good news for all former members who have lived in Kizunaya Sharehouse and for those who are considering moving to a different area!



Duration: Anytime
(The limited-time offer is now an all-year scheme!)


Who can apply:

– All former Kizunaya residents
– Current residents who wish to move to a different Kizunaya sharehouse


Houses applicable: All Kizunaya houses

* Some houses excluded (Not applicable: Tobu Nerima “toiro”)



When you decide to move back into any Kizunaya sharehouse,

the 33,000 JPY initial fee will be waived! (In other words: initial fee 0 JPY!)

(*Cleaning fee of 22,000 JPY charged when moving out)


For details, please contact us with your house and full name on our official Kizunaya LINE or Residents Only LINE.


Add our official LINE here




Friend Referral Program

More good news for our residents, who know Kizunaya Sharehouse best.
If your friend is planning to move, please introduce them to us.
“I have a friend who is looking for a sharehouse.”
“My friend can’t move yet, but they’re interested.”
If any of this sounds familiar, we have a Friend Referral Scheme for both you and your friend.

If a friend introduced by a Kizunaya house member (including former members) moves into a Kizunaya sharehouse, both the introducer and the new friend will receive 10,000 yen in cash back!

This promotion is only available to house members who are currently living or have lived in a Kizunaya sharehouse in the past.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to introduce Kizunaya Sharehouse to all your friends.

We hope that shared living will deepen your connection with your friends even further.


Promotion Details:

Please provide the following information of the friend you have introduced to us:
(1) House name
(2) Full name
You can do this in the “Remarks” column of the application form or give the information directly by phone or message when you apply for a viewing.
The promotion will be applied only after both parties have confirmed the information.


*Program subject to cancellation or change without notice.
*Not applicable if you apply for the Friend Referral Program after your friend’s move-in application or house viewing.
*Only for contracts 6 months or longer.
(If the contract is for more than 3 months but less than 6 months, both parties will receive half of the cashback amount.)
*Cashback will be given in the form of “LINE PAY” or “Amazon Gift Certificate” worth 10,000 yen.
*Some properties not applicable. Please contact us for details.

More details here





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