Enoshima -Umigamesha- house guidebook

Enoshima -Umigamesha- house guidebook
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Enoshima -Umigamesha- house guidebook


Enoshima -Umigamesha- house guidebook

1.Basic house information (address, rent account, wifi, regular cleaning)

【House Name】
Kizunaya sharehouse Umigamesha
1-3-2 Kugenuma Kaigan, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 251-0037
【Entrance PIN】
Please check the notes in the Manners of the House LINE group
【About the account for rent transfer】
Bank:三井住友銀行(The initial katakana is「ミ」.)
Brunch:中村橋支店(The initial katakana is「ナ」.)
Account Number:1784501
Account name:カブシキガイシャキズナト
Please make your transfer by the 27th of each month (or the preceding weekday if the 27th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday).
For rent, please contact us at the e-mail address below.
【Regular cleaning】
There is regular cleaning once a week.
Basically, regular cleaning is “”daily cleaning plus more””.
As a sharehouse is not a hotel, we kindly ask that those who use the sharehouse keep clean any areas that have become dirty in daily life.

2.Community life (Confirmation of use)

This will be an explanation of the use of each floor, including confirmation of the location of personal use in the shared space.

Post and Courier

Please check your room number.
For dormitory residents, the mailbox is shared.
For mail, please specify the date and time when you will be living in the house and deliver or pick it up directly.
Also, when making a home delivery, please be sure to mention not only the street address but also “Kizunaya Sharehouse Umigamesha”
There is an apartment building with the same three floors on the same address, so there is a possibility that it could be delivered to your neighbor by mistake.

Entrance (footwear box and umbrella stand)

【Entrance Shoe Box】
Please use the part of your room number.
Shoes must be kept in your own room except for the designated number of shoes you can put in the shoe box. Please be careful not to leave them in the entrance.
【umbrella stand】
Please use the part with your room number.
Please be careful not to store it in a place other than your room number.
Also, umbrellas are often misplaced.
It is recommended that you mark your umbrella with a rubber band with your room number to avoid mistakes.
Also, please be sure to fold your umbrella before putting it away.

Bicycle (Bringing Bicycles)

Up to one car per person may be parked free of charge. Mopeds are not allowed.
If you park a bicycle, please attach the designated sticker.
Please make an offer on the official line.
We do not have a designated parking lot for cars.
Please make your own contract with a nearby parking lot.
Parking in front of the share house is prohibited.
Please be careful not to park in front of the parking lot of the person in front of you when you park temporarily.
Please be sure to use coin-operated parking.

Kitchen (shared refrigerator, personal box)

【How to use the shared refrigerator】
You are not allowed to store personal food in the shared refrigerator.
Please be sure to clearly mark the date on the refrigerator when storing food for a party or when sharing is allowed.
Also, most of the seasonings that are left over basically go unused and dry out. Therefore, for hygiene reasons, please dispose of any leftover seasonings or uneaten food.
【Personal Box in the Kitchen】
Please use the area with your room number.
It can be used as a storage box for seasonings and foodstuffs that can be stored at room temperature.

Bath and wash space (hair dryer)

Shared hair dryers are available.

Outside garbage station

Garbage disposal is located in front of the entrance bicycle parking lot.
To avoid animal damage, please place your garbage in the designated garbage collection box.
For combustible and non-combustible garbage, please use the garbage bags designated by Fujisawa City.

Floor space

2F: Unisex
3F: Women
The opposite sex is not allowed in the women-only space.
Even on the unisex floor, other tenants are not allowed to enter each private room.
Please note that it will be a breach of contract if you are found entering the room.
In the unlikely event that a couple is allowed to enter a private room, there is an application system for double occupancy.
Please make sure to report and sign a contract before using the room.

Rules for when you come back from the sea

・Please leave your surfboard in the dedicated storage area behind the house.
・There is a shower in the surfboard storage area. Please wash off the sand before entering the house.
・When you go up to the living room from the terrace, please use the diatomaceous earth mat next to the window if your feet are wet. After use, please put them up. Please put your sandals back in the shoe box after use.


Be sure to close the parasol when not in use.
(They may be damaged by strong winds, etc.)

Living near the sea...

Laundry is basically hung in the room. Since the balcony is small, we all hang our bedding and other items in turn each day. You can hang your laundry on the balcony, but on windy days it will be damaged by the sea breeze, so we recommend that you hang your laundry in your room.
Please use the clothes drying wire in your private room. Also, since we are near the ocean, mold can easily grow. Especially under the bed, it is very easy to get moldy, so we recommend you to put dehumidifier in the bed.

Manners Check Week

We ask you to report whether the rules and manners in the common space of the house are being observed according to the manners check items.
You will be assigned to the rooms in order of room number.
We ask that checks be performed within a set period of time when on duty.

Garbage disposal

【Garbage Bag Designation】
Use Fujisawa City designated garbage bags.
【Burnable Garbage】
Please use the designated pink bags.
You can put it inside the garbage station outside and cover it with a lid.
Please use the designated pink bags.
Please put it in the garbage can for plastic.
【Plastic Bottles】
Caps and labels can be peeled off and put in the burnable trash.
【Resource Waste】
Please replace them in the net & container designated by the city and put them out
Please put them on the front wall of the entrance or shoe box with a string and put them out on the designated day.

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