Sasazuka SILVA House Guidebook

Sasazuka SILVA House Guidebook
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Sasazuka SILVA House Guidebook


Sasazuka SILVA House Guidebook

Basic House Information (Address, Rent Account, Wi-Fi, Regular Cleaning)


[House Name]
Kizunaya Share House SILVA


Belle Maison Sasazuka, 3-21-6 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0073

[Opening the Main Door]
Please check the note in the Manners LINE group.

[Rent Transfer Account]
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Tokiwadai Branch (672)
Ordinary Deposit
Account No. 7123011
Kabushiki Kaisha Kizunaya

三井住友銀行 ときわ台支店(672)
口座番号 7123011


Please transfer the rent by the 27th of every month (or the previous weekday if the 27th is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday).

For rent information, please contact us at .




Password: usdft5ar



Password: r3m2epx5


[Scheduled Cleaning]
There is regular cleaning three times a month.
Basically, regular cleaning is an extra to daily cleaning.
Please note that the share house is not a hotel, so please clean the areas that you use in your daily life yourself.

Post Boxes and Parcel Delivery

The mailbox number will be given to you when you move in.


In general, we ask that you get your parcels delivered when you are in the house to receive them.
When ordering something, please specify a date and time when you will be in the house to receive your mail.

Entrance (Shoebox and Umbrella Stand)


[Entrance Shoe Box]
Please use the space marked with your room number.
Shoes that do not fit in the box should be stored in your room.
Please be careful not to leave your shoes out in the hallway.


[Umbrella Stand]
Please use the one indicated by your room number.
Please be careful not to store your umbrella in someone else’s space.
Umbrellas are often taken by mistake.
To avoid mistakes, we recommend that you mark your umbrella with a rubber band with your room number on it.
Also, please be sure to fold your umbrella before putting it away.

Bicycles and Parking Space


Charge 500 yen, maximum number of bicycles parked: 6
Motorcycles and mopeds are not allowed.
Please contact the Management Office if you wish to bring your bicycle.


We do not have a designated parking lot for cars.
Please make your own contract with a nearby parking lot.

Kitchen (Personal Space)


[Personal Space]

Please use the space marked with your room number.
You can use this space to store seasonings and foodstuffs that can be stored at room temperature.


* Please make sure to keep the refrigerator clean, as it is shared with everyone in the house.


Leaving old condiments or dried-out foodstuffs in the refrigerator may cause mold to grow and damage the space meant for other tenants.
For this reason, we ask that you do not store old condiments or leftovers in the fridge for a long time. Please discard them for sanitary reasons.

Bath and Washing Space (Hair Dryer and Personal Box)


[Hair Dryer]
Hair dryers are available for use in the common area.
Please refrain from using the washroom after 11:00 p.m. due to noise concerns.


Hot water is only available in the bathtub during off-peak hours, i.e., the bathtub is unavailable between 6 and 9 a.m. and between 6 and 11 p.m. Since many people use the shower room between 6-9 a.m. and 6-11 p.m., please do not use the bathtub then. We also ask you to limit your use of the shower room to less than 30 minutes at a time.


[Laundry Room]
We request that you use the washing machine so that it finishes by 11 pm.
Some of the washing machines have a drying function, but we ask that you refrain from using them as a dryer, and we have taped them off so that they cannot be used.

Room Entry

No other tenants are allowed to enter the private rooms.
Please be aware that it is a breach of contract if it is found that they have entered the room.

Manners Check Week

Please report whether the rules and manners in the common areas of the house are being observed according to the Manners Checklist.


The order of shifts is decided by room number.
When you are on duty, please check the house within the set period of time.

Garbage Disposal


Burnable garbage: Every Monday, Thursday

Non-burnable garbage: 4th Friday of the month

Recyclable paper, plastic bottles: Every Saturday by 8:00 a.m.

Bottles, cans, plastic containers and packaging: Every Thursday


The garbage collection point is located in the southeast of the building. We ask that residents cooperate with each other in disposing of garbage on a daily basis.
Please be sure to follow the designated rules for garbage separation and replace garbage bags when they exceed 80% of their capacity.

Smoking Area


Smoking is prohibited both inside and outside the house.
Please refrain from smoking at the entrance of the house as it may disturb neighbors.

LINE Group List

There are the following LINE groups for house members:

Family LINE
This is a community LINE for all members of the house family, including past members.

Manners LINE
This LINE can be used for informing the current residents about rules, operations, and management.

Please make sure to enter these groups at the time of orientation.
Please be sure to stay in the group during your stay in the house, as the house LINE is also used to share information necessary for daily life.




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