Ginza house guidebook

Ginza house guidebook
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Ginza house guidebook


Ginza house guidebook

Basic House Info (Address, Rent Bank Account, Wi-Fi, Regular Cleaning)


【House Name】
Kizunaya Sharehouse nolla


Share Flat Tsukiji
Tsukiji 2-6-5, Chuo Ward
104-0045 Tokyo


【Opening the Main Door】
All tenants are given a card key when moving in.
(Tap on the “ASCA” text before touching the lock with the card.)
In case the card is lost, you will be charged 5,000 JPY to reissue the card, so please be careful not to lose it.


【Account for Rent Transfer】
Bank:三井住友銀行(The initial katakana is「ミ」.)
Branch:ときわ台支店(The initial katakana is「ト」.)
Account Number:7123011
Account name:カブシキガイシャキズナヤ

Please make your transfer by the 27th of each month (or the preceding weekday if the 27th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday).
For rent, please contact us at the e-mail address below.


2F  ID rs500k-87b0ca-3   PW 0ef922278a6a0
3F  ID rs500k-87b0d6-3   PW 841437eb93599
4F  ID shareflat5G   PW tsukiji4F
5F  ID Extender-A(G)-8CB4   PW 6whfcrptssy7n


【Regular Cleaning】
There is regular cleaning once a week.
Basically, regular cleaning is an extra to daily cleaning.
As a sharehouse is not a hotel, we kindly ask that those who use the sharehouse keep clean any areas that have become dirty in daily life.


Mailbox and Deliveries

We will tell you the mailbox code when you move in.


Regarding deliveries, as a rule, please designate a date and time when you will be at the house to receive the delivery in person.

*Please make sure to pick up your deliveries in person on the 1st floor.
Please make sure that the courier company does not enter any of the floors.

Kitchen (Personal Space)

【Personal Space】
Please use the space with your room number on it.
You can use the space to store spices and condiments and other foodstuffs that do not need refrigerating,

About Entering the Rooms


Other residents are not allowed to enter the private rooms.
If they are found entering, it will be a violation of the contract.


5F Gallery Space

Tenants can use the gallery for free when there are no outside reservations.
(If the space is free that day, it can be used all day!
Non-residents can reserve the space until 6 PM on the previous day, so if there are no reservations by 6 PM, you can use it until the end of the next day.)

⚠️Please use the gallery in the correct way. The gallery is a rental space for non-residents, so if residents fail to use the gallery correctly, residents may be prohibited from using the space.

【5 Steps to Using the Gallery】
① Check the newest reservation info here!

(If the gallery is free that day, it can be used all day! Non-residents can reserve the space until 6 PM on the previous day, so if there are no reservations by 6 PM, you can use it until the end of the next day.)

② Inform others in the Manners LINE group

<Start: Gallery Use>
Starting time:
Planned ending time:
Food Y/N:

③ Use the gallery

④ Clean the gallery according to the checklist
* The checklist is under the kitchen shelf
* Please sign with the name of the person who made the reservation

⑤ Inform others about end of use / cleaning in the Manners LINE group
Please reply to the “start of use” message with the following template.

<End: Gallery Use>
Starting time:
Ending time:
☑️ The gallery was cleaned according to the checklist
☑️ The checklist has been filled in

* The gallery can be reserved for free as described above on the day or after 6 PM on the next day, but if you wish to use the gallery at a later date for a party etc., please see the affordable rental plan for Kizunaya residents below.
Please make a reservation on this site.


Manners Check Week


We ask tenants to report whether house rules and manners are being followed in the common areas based on a checklist.


Each tenant’s turn is determined by their room number.
When your turn comes, please complete the check within the designated time frame.


Taking Out Trash

Plastic and glass bottles, cans, and cardboard boxes: Tuesday (By 8 AM, previous night OK)
Please put them on the street in front of the house.




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