Move-out process

Move-out process
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Move-out process


Move-out process


We appreciate that you have chosen Kizunaya Sharehouse for your living experience.


This page provides the steps to complete the move-out check. Please be sure to read all sections and complete the pre-move-out check form.



(1)Checking for wear and tear in your room


Please confirm the followings in accordance with the check form.


1・Is there any large stains, dirt, or damage on the bed or mattress?


Please remove your own sheets and check the bed and mattress for stains or spots.




2・Is there any thumbtack marks or stains on the walls?


Please check the walls after moving all your belongings off the floor to make sure they are clean.

Using thumbtacks is prohibited. If you use them, please report it to us.




3・Are there any scratches or stains/spots on the floor that cannot be removed by wiping?


Please clean the floor easily after moving all your belongings out of the room. If there are stains that cannot be removed even after cleaning, please report them to us.




4・Is there any damage to the screen door?


Please declare if the screen door is damaged or poorly constructed.




5・Is there any damage to the door?

Are there any problems with the door knob or key use? Please check if there are no peeling wallpapers, etc., in case there are postings, etc., on the door.




6・Are there any items forgotten in closets or drawers?


Please check for dirt or damage after all your belongings have been removed. If mold has developed, please declare it after cleaning the area.




7・Is there any damage to the light fixture?


Please declare any damage or problems. Is the remote control available? Please confirm that they are ready for normal use.


(2)Cleaning your room


Please clean the room before leaving.


1・Have you cleaned the filters of air conditioners?


Water rinsing is fine, please clean the filter.




2・Is the inside of the refrigerator clean?


Please take out all items and wipe off any stains with alcohol. If there is frost, please defrost it. To prevent mold in the refrigerator, please leave the refrigerator turned on.



3・Are the curtains clean?

Please declare any rail disconnections, etc. other than dirt.


Please check the checklist again for wear and tear after you have removed all of your belongings.


(3)Confirming your belongings


1・For houses with bath baskets, please check it.

Please make sure that you have not forgotten anything in the bath box, and that the box is clean, washed, and ready for the next person to use.Please bring the empty box to your room as it will be checked during the move-out check.


2・Have you left anything in the seasoning box?

Please wash the box clean and store it in a condition ready for the next person to use.

Also, have you left anything in the refrigerator? Please keep the refrigerator clean and ready for the next person to use. Please make sure to take out all food items.


3・Have you left any items in the shoe box?

Please clean the box and store it in a condition ready for the next person to use.


Please check for other items such as mail (mailboxes) and umbrellas you may have forgot.

※We will not keep any items left after you move out and will dispose of them. Please be sure to make a final check.

(4)Others and returned items


1・Provide a key of your private room.

If you have a spare, please also return the spare.


2・If you have a key of the safety box, provide it.

※Dormitory only




Please be prepared to return the items specified by each house.

・Rental bedding (for overseas residents only)

・Rental bicycle and key

・Bed pad, etc.




Q・Can I donate unused beds, appliances, bicycles, etc.?

A・We do not accept donations of personal items at move-out.

We are happy to ask residents to send and receive donations between individuals.


Q・Is it necessary to attend the final inspection on the day I move out?

A・Basically, we will do it online on the day you move out.

If it is difficult to do so on the same day, you may come back at a later date to witness the event, but since visual checks are required, we basically do it on the day of the move-out.


Q・If I receive a mailing after I move out, can I have it returned to the designated address?

A・We are very sorry, but we are unable to keep any mail after the move-out date. Please make sure to complete the address change report.


Q・I would like to leave my belongings for a while after moving out. Is it possible?

A・In any case, you are not allowed to leave your belongings in the house after you move out. We ask for your understanding.


Please complete the form


Please check all of the above sections and complete the check form before the move-out inspection.


<Pre-move-out checklist form>


The person in charge will visually confirm the contents of the form and will be attending on the day of the inspection. Please fill out the form at least 30 minutes prior to the event, and wait for the person in charge to arrive.


Please contact the following for inquiries about final inspection :





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