About Family Ambassadors

About Family Ambassadors
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About Family Ambassadors


About Family Ambassadors



<This article is for all Kizunaya share house residents>

Attention all Kizunaya share house families! Why don’t you take on the challenge of becoming a “Family Ambassador” to capture the everyday life you spend at Kizunaya Share House?

<What is a Family Ambassador? >



Family Ambassadors are happy communicators who connect people with others. You can use your own skills and strengths, or connect your own daily life in a share house to make it more fulfilling.


For example, we have prepared 7 types of official ambassadors, such as a Cooking Dad&Mom planning a dinner party or sharing the daily life of the share house on their own SNS. You can earn 1,000 to 2,000 points for each challenge. The points can be exchanged to LINEpay! (※These ambassadors are for current residents.)

<How to apply>

Please send the message below to the Kizunaya Online Community LINE to apply.

①House / Name
②Desired ambassadors

After application, the secretariat staff will contact you for further information.

We are waiting for your application!

Click here to register for the Kizunaya online community LINE

Now, let me introduce you to our ambassador activities.

<Details of Ambassadors' Activities>

①Event ambassadors who love planning.”



■Perfect for people who
・Want to challenge event planning
・Like to go out with friends
・Often organizes drinking parties.
Events inside and outside the house at least twice a month
(Movie night, morning yoga, outdoor planning, seasonal events, etc.)
※Over 8 people (HASH,HUB,toiro) and more than 1/3 of other houses participate in the whole announcement plan.

<Points Earned>
1000 points

②”Gohan Ambassadors” for a Full Heart and a Full Stomach!




■Perfect for people who
・Love cooking and baking.
・Enjoy making someone happy with food.
・Like to organize events with others
※Over 8 people (HASH,HUB,toiro) and more than 1/3 of other houses participate in the whole announcement plan.
GohanKai (dinner party) held twice a month

<Points Earned>
1000 points

③” City Walking Ambassadors” to love this city much more.



■Perfect for people who
・Want to discover the charms of a new town or playground you’ve moved to
・Love to find cute shops and unique hidden places
・Enjoy visiting tasty restaurants and cozy cafes.
Discover the charms of the town around the share house and share 5 posts on your own SNS.
#sharehousekizunaya #house name #kizunaya town walk

<Points Earned>
1000 points

④” Writer Ambassadors” to share the realities of the House.


■Perfect for people who
・Love writing.
・Want to be a writer in the future.
・Already working as a writer or in PR, etc.

One article will be written and submitted with 2000-4000 words as a standard.

<Points Earned>
2000 points

⑤”Photographer Ambassadors” bring ordinary daily life into a form.”


■Perfect for people who
・Love taking photos
・Want to capture your daily memories
・Are thinking about starting a camera.

30 selected photos (you can use a cell phone with a high quality lens!)

<Points Earned>
2000 points
※Only camera ambassadors will be asked to provide a portfolio in advance.

⑥” Happy Ambassadors” to bring happiness into daily life.



■Perfect for people who
・Like finding the charm and good in people.
・Feel a little gratitude and happiness easily in daily life.
・Have expanded their sense of values and enjoy their lives after moving into Kizunaya.

At least 5 posts about your happy daily shared life on your SNS every month.

You can use the official system of “Random Acts System”.

<Points Earned>
1000 points

⑦Take a break “Monogatari Coffee Ambassadors”.

■Perfect for people who
・・Drink coffee every day and love coffee.
・Want to socialize with families over coffee.
・Have experience working in a cafe or as a barista


2 coffee parties & 2 posts


2 Monogatari Coffee as a gift (worth 1980 yen)
No points


<Ambassador Term of Office>
All Ambassadors
You can join us for one month from the time of application.
Whether to continue or not is up to self-report every month.

<Conditions >
▼People who desire to capture the excitement of daily life in a share house.
▼People who are looking to connect with other ambassadors through the slack and ZOOM social events.
▼People who can participate in the social events before the start by ZOOM.
▼ People who are ready to join our new communication tool, Slack.

<Date and Time of the social event>

Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 21:00-21:30
Saturday, July 30, 2022, 21:00-21:30


<How to apply>
Please send the following message to the Kizunaya Online Community LINE to apply.

①Desired ambassadors
②Preferred date to attend the social event

(*If you are unable to attend the latest social event, please specify “Schedule Adjustment is Requested”)

After your application is submitted, our staff will contact you to inform you of the social event.

We are waiting for your application!

Click here to register for the Kizunaya Online Community LINE




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