Ugly Sweater Party: A Wild Night with my HASHMates at Kizunaya

Ugly Sweater Party: A Wild Night with my HASHMates at Kizunaya
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Ugly Sweater Party: A Wild Night with my HASHMates at Kizunaya

Ugly Sweater Party: A Wild Night with my HASHMates at Kizunaya

In a cozy corner of Tokyo last December, me and my HASHmates at Kizunaya sharehouse was a riot of laughter and clashing colors as we dove headfirst into the festive fervor with an Ugly Sweater Party that no one would soon forget. With our threadbare pullovers, twinkling lights, and an infectious sense of camaraderie, we unwittingly became the stars of a holiday spectacle that would leave us reminiscing for years to come.


As we made our grand entrance into the party room, the sea of ugly sweaters was blinding. From garish patterns to tinsel-laden monstrosities, our housemates had truly outdone themselves. The DJ spun Christmas classics and winter Western tunes, transforming our the place into a winter wonderland of *kitsch. With our ugly sweaters on full display, we hit the makeshift dance floor with moves that defied both gravity and fashion sense.


The playlist took us on a rollercoaster through time, seamlessly blending 90s English and Japanese hits with EDM beats that had us shuffling like there was no tomorrow. It was a dance-off between fashion faux pas and dancefloor divas, and the ugly sweaters were winning by a landslide.


Of course, no party at HASH Kizunaya is complete without a generous dose of liquid courage. As we boogied and bopped, we clutched frosty beers in hand, the condensation forming a testament to our dedication to both merriment and ugly sweater aesthetics. The clash of patterns, the jingle of bells, and the occasional twirl of tinsel on the dance floor painted a picture of pure, unadulterated joy.

Amidst the revelry, a massive Christmas-themed cake materialized. The sugary masterpiece towered over us, adorned with edible snowmen, reindeer, and enough frosting to induce a sugar coma. With a collective gasp, we took a momentary hiatus from the dance floor to devour the sweet spectacle, all the while exchanging stories about our chosen ugly sweater masterpieces.


Just when we thought the night couldn’t get any wilder, the unexpected happened. A crew of reporters infiltrated the festivities, wielding microphones like magic wands. Suddenly, our eclectic array of sweaters and our questionable dance moves were thrust into the national spotlight. As they approached, we exchanged nervous glances, wondering if we were about to become infamous for our questionable fashion choices.


To our surprise and delight, the reporters were enamored with the spectacle we had created. Cameras captured our joyful chaos, and microphones picked up snippets of laughter and festive banter. As the night unfolded, we found ourselves sharing our Ugly Sweater Party escapade with the nation, the event even making its way onto national television.

In the midst of the flashing lights and the whirlwind of excitement, we realized that our quirky celebration had transcended the walls of HASH Kizunaya. We had unwittingly become ambassadors of festive fun, proving that sometimes, the best parties are the ones where fashion takes a backseat to sheer joy.


As the clock struck midnight, and the last notes of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” echoed in the air, we stumbled out of HASH Kizunaya with our ugly sweaters held high, proud to have turned an ordinary December night into an extraordinary memory. The Ugly Sweater Party may have been a one-night spectacle, but the laughter, the camaraderie, and the unexpected fame will forever be stitched into the ダサいfabric of our holiday adventures at HASH Kizunaya.





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