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[:en]”I would rather coffee than eat.” If that’s you, please join us.
For Kizunaya share houses family, why don’t you become a Monogatari coffee ambassador?

-What is Monogatari Coffee?-
Learn more about the brand from this website.
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Monogatari Coffee was born from hitotoki, a share house in Tezukayama, Osaka with the concept of “books and travel”. A few years ago, we held a house event called “Let’s Make Our Own Coffee,” where we had a chance to think with the share house members about the kind of situation they would like to drink coffee in.

For example, ” While remembering my first love,” or ” While having a conversation with a friend who I feel comfortable with until the dawn of the morning. “This is the time to talk about what kind of coffee you would like in such a situation.
There are more and more delicious coffees in the world, and there are hundreds of different types of coffees with different origins, aromas, and richness, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a coffee that could be drunk according to the situation, beyond “delicious coffee”?
A few years later, the idea was born as “Monogatari Coffee”.

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The possibilities of a cup of coffee are more than just a tasty drink.
It is not just a drink to keep you awake.
It can give you time to think about yourself in the morning when you wake up earlier than usual.
It can be a way to reconnect with the people you love.
We have tried to reconsider the value of coffee.

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We want to provide you with the value of the experience that comes from a cup of coffee, which is beyond “delicious coffee made with the most special care”.
Monogatari Coffee was born with this in mind, and delivers an original coffee with a different story every month as a subscription service to your mailbox.[:]

[:ja]「ものがたり珈琲」ファミリーアンバサダー募集します[:en]"Monogatari Coffee Family" Ambassadors Wanted![:]





We are looking for family ambassadors to share the concept of “Monogatari Coffee” inside and outside the house.
✔︎Residents of the Kizunaya Share House
✔︎You must have a personal account on either Instagram or Twitter.
(at least 3 personal posts per month)

【Details of ambassador activities】

✔︎Experience “Monogatari Coffee” at the share house and share it on your SNS.
✔︎Communicate the appeal of Monogatari Coffee to the house where you live (e.g. set up a time to drink coffee with the family).
✔︎Join the online community “Monogatari Coffee Club”, answer questionnaires about “coffee”, and cooperate with official projects.

Free delivery of Monogatari Coffee as a regular delivery for 3 months
※The delivery will be in a ground coffee.

【We want the following people to participate!】
✔︎Love coffee more than eat!
✔︎Drinks at least one cup of coffee every day.
✔︎Want to enjoy life in a share house through coffee.
✔︎Want to experience making “Monogatari Coffee” together.
【How to apply】
Please reply to the official line for Kizunaya residents with the message “I would like to be an ambassador for Monogatari Coffee. We will send you the details later.


[:ja]ものがたり珈琲アンバサダーにかける想い[:en]Thoughts on Monogatari Coffee Ambassadors[:]

“The potential of a cup of coffee is not just about drinking it well.
Hope that everyone’s shared life will be enriched and expanded from a cup of coffee. We wish to share the coffee brand born from hitotoki with as many Kizunaya family members as possible, and also deliver the value of the experience of “monogatari coffee” and “shared life” to as many people as possible. We would be happy to expand the value of a cup of coffee with members who will expand the value of this experience with us.
About Monogatari Coffee
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