Shukatsu-Share house

Shukatsu-share house will change your life.
It is a project for local hiring students.




‘Shukatsu share-house’ is a project to support local students who comes to Tokyo for doing job hunting. These students can live in Kizunaya share-house in the short term. It has the concept of ‘Share-House to Make a Second Family’.
Normally these students who continues to hunt jobs in an unfamiliar situation while using a business hotel, an internet café.
In addition, there are many students who are doing job hunting in the harsh physical situation, for example they leave for Tokyo at 11:00 by overnight bus and come back their hometown by overnight bus in the day. In such a case, how much reassuring would it be if they could spend the evening with their colleagues who are doing job hunting in the same way. There are no other places where you can refresh so much if there are colleagues who can talk about job hunting in that day, and they can talk about what they asked at the interview, what they want to do in the future each other. It will be even more meaningful place if you can get job hunting information and practice an interview with the cooperation of organization to support job hunting.
Kizunaya share-house provides such an environment. If you are student who is hunting jobs, you will focus on your job hunting without feeling nervous or financial disturbance.
“We would like to support local students who are doing job hunting.”
This is a shared-house project filled with such thought.

Basic Information



【Rent】/per month
Dormitory room ¥40,000- ~ \45,000-
(Dormitory room only)
*Including utility fee, free wifi, basic expendables
*You can join the learning service at the Kizunaya’s group share-house. (English conversation, yoga, cooking etc )


【Initial cost】
Job cheering campaign!
Guidance with only the administrative commission 10000 yen!

* Normally,
you need to pay the administrative fee + monthly rent (42000-47000 yen) for moving in,
but you can move in only the administrative commission of 10000 yen only during the job search activity period.


【Shared Facilities】
Main living area· Furniture in the Kitchen · Wash Basin · Washing Machine · TV ·Shoe Shelf · Rice Cooker · Microwave etc.








Project House

   < Kanto>

    Kasai – canvas


    Nakano – sumica


   < Kansai>

    Oosaka – tabicco


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