If you read this, you will understand! All of <KashiwaHASH 196> is unveiled!

Kashiwa HASH196, a 12-minute walk from the station
Kizuna share house The largest international exchange share house.
Opened in June 2019, this house is a large international exchange share house with a scale of 100 people, but it is very important to have relationships and connections with each individual.
The state of the house community is from the photo.
This house is based on the concept of cuisine from around the world.
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Since international exchange is a concept, about 40% of the total are foreigners. Families of various nationalities gather in the US, UK, Russia.


Introducing the shared part! Eight spaces that can be used according to the situation

Introducing the shared space of HASH 196.
First of all, a theater room where you can watch movies on a big screen.



If you go through a large corridor
There is a sitting room where you can relax watching TV.
Next to it is a sofa space.
A coworking space popular with freelancers.
When you want to stay at work all day, HASH allows you to work while refreshing in various spaces!

There are two types of rooms: private rooms and dormitories.

Introducing each room type.
First from a private room.

All rooms have plenty of storage and beds, curtains, and refrigerators.
The rent is 43,000 yen.
This is a dormitory. Because it is a completely private space, it is a space like a secret base.
Dormitory rent is uniform 27,000 yen

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The common fee is 15,000 yen for private rooms and 12,000 yen for dormitories.
Common service costs include electricity, water, gas, and basic consumables.
In addition, wifi communication and weekly contractor cleaning are services.


See you. I'm home. Thank you. I want to make it a house that takes special moments

That’s what I’m talking to, one of the community managers of HASH 196.
He is like a dad who protects the house with a gentle smile.
Kizuna share house is a share house that values ​​the community. The community manager is responsible for bringing up the community with everyone in the house family.

Two community managers will support you while enjoying your family life together. In order to excite community creation through planning and venue creation, we create connections through various venues.

I want to make a house that looks like a Kizunaya. Together.

I talked about that for 6 years in a share house. I know that the more I cherish manners and rules in my life, the more active the community is. A community manager who values ​​how you can create a more comfortable life and culture with everyone.

There are 100 things you can do. Life here will expand your life.
A family full of smiles is waiting for you.

Recommended for those who are interested in multi-site life! You can stay at guesthouses nationwide and use a hostel pass!

HASH196 is an all you can stay at guesthouses nationwide! Hostel pass is available.
This is a must-see for those who can stay all over Japan on weekends and free time.
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Kashiwa 27 minutes to Nippori, 30 minutes to Ueno
It is an environment that is easy to get to the city center and is perfect for living with nature.
In front of the station, station buildings are flourishing, but the area around the house is a quiet residential area.
Please come to the preview once.
Kashiwa HASH196 Information
Location: 12 minutes on foot from JR Kashiwa Station (with free bicycle rental)
Number of households: 100 men and women / 5 family households
Rent: Private room from 43,000 yen From dormitory 23,000 yen
Common service fee: Private room 15,000 yen Dormitory 12,000 yen
Initial fee: 40,000 yen (including administrative fee and cleaning fee when moving out)

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