The Globe- Trotting shared house Tabicco in Hawaii


Now, we,member of Tabicco shared house, are in abroad!
Do you guess where we are?


You might know by this Colum’s title…
Yes, Now we are in HAWAII!!!
We member of Tabicco shared house come to a holiday resort where everyone dream!

Usually, I traveled by myself. However since I moved in to shared house, I realize how interesting and fun to travel with others! So I had a dream to travel abroad with other member in my shared house.

This time, I found cheap ticket which I just need to pay ¥20000!!! So I asked other member to come with me, and some of member were willing to go!
Also our ex-housemate Kit join us from Australia.
What a active people we are! We love traveling!

Traveling Hawaii with dear family member


In Hawaii, we went to beautiful beach and had meal there, experienced skydiving, climbed up mountain, and went to market..
Oh, so many memory we made. I can publish book if I wrote my memory here, so I wanna share my memory by photos.


We met Daiki and chiro from shared house in Tokyo. They visited Hawaii for their honeymoon! We ate pancake together. Oh, time flies when we were having fun.
We arrived at Japan, so it’s time to say good bye at airport…..No no no, we are together until we arrive our home!
From very first to very last, we are together because we are traveling with members in shared house!
With member in tabicco shared house, I can go anywhere in world.
My dream of tarveling abroad with my shared house member came true, so I had a good start of 2018!

If you take just only the first step, exciting life and new family are waiting you!


“I love traveling, I want to start new traveling, I want to have wonderful family.”
“I want to make 2018 fun.”
If you think in this way, feel free to come to Tabicco shared house!
There’s nothing like more than tarveling! We welcome you to join us!

This coming April is the one year anniversary of Tabicco shared house where fill with great people!
On April 7th, we will have one year anniversary party, so please leave your schedule open.
We want to share our thanksgiving to many people.



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