Tobunerima -toiro- house guidebook

Tobunerima -toiro- house guidebook
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Tobunerima -toiro- house guidebook


Tobunerima -toiro- house guidebook

1.Basic house information (address, rent account, wifi, regular cleaning)

【House Name】
Sharehouse -toiro- by tetote
Urban Pal Tobu Nerima, 1-17-12 Tokumaru, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0083, Japan
【Entrance PIN】
Please check the notes in the Manners of the House LINE group
【About the account for rent transfer】
Bank:商工組合中央金庫(The initial katakana is「シ」.)
Brunch:本店(The initial katakana is「ホ」.)
Account Number:1231375
Account name:カブシキガイシャスピックビル
Please transfer the funds by the last day of each month (or the preceding weekday if the last day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday).
If you have a Japanese bank account, please set it up for automatic withdrawal. (No service charge).
Please apply using the prescribed form.
For rent, please contact us at the e-mail address below.
urbanpal_living1(Kitchen side)
urbanpal_living2(TV side)
urbanpal_1f(Room 101, due to iron door. Please use this guest room as well.)
urbanpal_2f1(staircase side)
urbanpal_2f2(Back dormitory side)
urbanpal_3f1(staircase side))
urbanpal_3f2(Back dormitory side)
【Regular cleaning】
There is regular cleaning once a week.
Basically, regular cleaning is “”daily cleaning plus more””.
As a sharehouse is not a hotel, we kindly ask that those who use the sharehouse keep clean any areas that have become dirty in daily life.

2.Community life (Confirmation of use)

This will be an explanation of the use of each floor, including confirmation of the location of personal use in the shared space.

Post and Courier(delivery box)

Please check your room number.
For dormitory residents, the mailbox is shared.
For mail, please specify the date and time when you will be living in the house and deliver or pick it up directly.
If the house has a delivery box, please check the rules for using it.
【About Delivery Boxes】
If it is really necessary, there are up to three delivery boxes. The key is located in the wooden cabinet in the living room. You will receive a delivery notice in the mailbox, so please check the location and open and close the box.

Entrance (footwear box and umbrella stand)

【Entrance Shoe Box】
Please use the part of your room number.
Shoes must be kept in your own room except for the designated number of shoes you can put in the shoe box. Please be careful not to leave them in the entrance.
【umbrella stand】
Please use the part with your room number.
Please be careful not to store it in a place other than your room number.
Also, umbrellas are often misplaced.
It is recommended that you mark your umbrella with a rubber band with your room number to avoid mistakes.
Also, please be sure to fold your umbrella before putting it away.
The umbrella in the basket at the back can be used as a free umbrella.

Bicycle (Bringing Bicycles・Shared Bicycles)

【Bringing Bicycles】
Up to one car per person may be parked free of charge. Mopeds are not allowed.
If you park a bicycle, please attach the designated sticker.
Please make an offer on the official line.
【Shared Bicycles】
There are two shared bicycles in the house.
They are not intended to be parked at the station for the day, but only for short periods of time, such as when going to the supermarket for shopping.
Please send us a message when you rent or return a bike according to the template in the “Lodging/Bicycle Rental” group.
This is a free service that was added as part of the free service when we had extra bicycles available. Therefore, please understand that this service may end without notice.
Please use your own bicycle if you wish to use it for a longer period of time or on a daily basis.

Outdoor washing machine

Washer/dryers are located in the space outside the House.
There are no specific hours, but please be sure to close the door to avoid disturbing the neighbors.
Since it is located outside, the entrance mats are dirt up to the top of the mats.
Please change into slippers in the washing machine space.

Kitchen (shared refrigerator, personal box, shared rice, shared condiments)

【How to use the shared refrigerator】
You are not allowed to store personal food in the shared refrigerator.
Please be sure to clearly mark the date on the refrigerator when storing food for a party or when sharing is allowed.
Also, most of the seasonings that are left over basically go unused and dry out. Therefore, for hygiene reasons, please dispose of any leftover seasonings or uneaten food.
【Personal Box in the Kitchen】
Please use the area with your room number.
It can be used as a storage box for seasonings and foodstuffs that can be stored at room temperature.
【About Share Rice and Share Seasonings】
Shared rice is available for 50 yen per cup only during rice parties that are openly announced in the house.
Please follow the instructions on the sheet near the rice bin.
We rely on the trust of everyone in the House. Please be sure to follow the instructions for use.
Share Seasoning is made possible by your donations.
Please donate something else for your own use.
If you use a large amount, please purchase it yourself.

Outside garbage station

There is a trash station just outside the kitchen door.
Please be careful not to forget to lock the door when you use the kitchen door.

Floor space

1F: Male dormitory
2F: Male
3F: Female
4F: Unisex
The opposite sex is not allowed in the women’s/men’s dormitory space.
Even on the unisex floor, other tenants are not allowed in the private rooms.
No other tenants are allowed in the private rooms, even on the unisex floors.
Please be aware that it will be a violation of the lease agreement if such a room is found to be occupied by a person of the opposite sex.
In the unlikely event that a couple is allowed to enter a private room on the unisex floor, they must apply for a room for two people.
If you wish to enter a private room on the unisex floor, you may apply for a double occupancy room.
Please be sure to make a declaration and sign a contract before using the room.

Bath and wash space (hair dryer, bath personal box)

【hair dryer】
Shared hair dryers are available.
There is no partition between the living space and the wash space.
From 24:00 to 7:00
2F floor residents can use the hair dryer on the 1st floor.
For those on the 3rd floor, there is an electrical outlet in the changing room, so please close the door to use it.
【bath personal box】
One bath box (basket) is available for rent for each person and is stored under the washbasin.
The bath box is prone to mold and mildew if stored wet.
Please make sure to wipe them dry before storing them.

Use of Guest Rooms

During the Corona virus outbreak, you can use the guest room for online MTGs. Please use the room according to the following rules.
If you want to use the guest room for longer than 1 hour, please make a reservation in the “TOIRO Accommodation, Bicycle, and Guest Room Reservation” LINE group.
・You can make a reservation from one week in advance.
・After making a reservation, please write it on the upper part of the guest room reservation board by yourself.
・Please erase from the whiteboard after use.
・If you want to use the room for a short period of time, please make sure that there is no reservation and write it on the whiteboard on the spot.
・Please be sure to delete it from the whiteboard when you are done.
Please see the template in the group’s notes.

The bookshelf in the entryway

We have books and other materials that people would like to recommend.
You can borrow books here, but please be sure to return them.
If you would like to make a donation, please contact the official secretariat on line.

The sofa space in the entryway

As there is a residential area on the first floor, chatting on the sofa or making phone calls is not allowed.

Smoking Space

Our neighbors diagonally across the street have a tobacco ban.
In sunny weather: smoking space near the entrance of the house parking lot
In case of rain: under the entrance
There is also a smoking area in front of the 7-Eleven, so please use that as well.

Manners Check Week

We ask you to report whether the rules and manners in the common space of the house are being observed according to the manners check items.
You will be assigned to the rooms in order of room number.
We ask that checks be performed within a set period of time when on duty.

Garbage disposal

【Garbage Bags】
There are no designated garbage bags.
【Burnable Garbage】
Please put them in the garbage station located outside the house.
Please dispose of all plastics as burnable trash.
Please be sure to wash the containers.
【Plastic Bottles】
Please remove caps and labels and dispose of as burnable trash.
【Resource garbage】
PET bottles ・・・ Replace them in the net designated by the ward and put them outside.
Cans and bottles ・・・ Put them in the containers designated by the ward and take them outside.
*We are working together as a group on Tuesday nights to replace the nets and containers in the ward.
We appreciate your active cooperation.
You can put them by the refrigerator on the 1st floor. On the day of garbage collection, tie them together with plastic string and take them outside.
Put the waste and sprays in a separate bag and write on the bag and put it out on the non-burnable trash day.
【How to dispose of dry cell batteries】
Please put them in the dry cell battery collection box located outside the Itabashi West Garbage Disposal Office.
Itabashi Ward Cleaning Office
→The cleaning office is located on the corner to the right of the soba noodles restaurant from the house.
Address: 1-16-1 Tokumaru, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0083
The dry cell battery post is set up outside, even at night.
If you have any dry cell waste, please drop it off at this post.

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