Get to know the atmosphere of the House through photos

Get to know the atmosphere of the House through photos
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Get to know the atmosphere of the House through photos


Get to know the atmosphere of the House through photos


Kizunaya share houses are located in 11 places all over Japan. House families can visit and stay overnight at any of the sister houses in the hope that exchange among Kizunaya share house families across the country will be valued, not only at their own house.

*Make sure to check the following for the visit and stay rules.

Thoughts on Visit between Houses

We communicate our thoughts on the concept of the house when you visit any of our houses in Japan and when you move in, and we invite those who sympathize with our concept to move into our houses. Each house has its own unique personality, and each house has its own color, but all of the residents share the same concept of how to live together, so we hope that you can enjoy interacting with each other in a safe, common community.


For example, the Kizunaya share house has a club activity system to connect residents through common interests, and not only in your own house, but also among the members of each house. There have even been cases of sports clubs being organized by renting out the gymnasium.



We want you to enjoy interaction with other Houses in a casual way. With this in mind, when you apply for a visit, you can feel free to visit our sister Houses.


<Thoughts on stay overnight between Houses>


There is an extension of the thought of the visit: stay overnight between Houses system. It is possible to stay at a minimum cost, but it is not provided for the purpose of “staying in the area at a low price”.


Overnight stay is also provided in the hope that members of sister Houses can enjoy exchanges with each other, and that those who have graduated can feel free to return to the House.


Therefore, we ask that you do not stay just for the purpose of staying at the House (e.g., late night arrival, early morning departure, business trip that makes it hard to stay at the House but you want to use the House as a base for your stay, etc.). However, we do offer a stay overnight system for those who would like to enjoy interactions not only between nearby Houses, but also between Houses in distant areas.



<Please click here to see how to apply.>


We have collected photos of the atmosphere in each House.

Please take a look at the photos to get to know the various Houses and connect with them.

Colorful house in Tokyo, toiro share house

Kanto Tobu-Nerima toiro 8 minute walk from Tobu-Nerima station on the Tobu Tojo Line. 10 people, 10 colors is the concept of this share house with many unique members.


Share house toiro in Tokyo is a share house for 40 men and women. Colorfully designed, the house is made up of a unique and individualistic members.


hug IKEBUKURO, a warm house like a family home in the middle of Tokyo

Kanto Ikebukuro hug 5 min walk from Ikebukuro station on JR Yamanote line. A house with analog touches.


The share house hug in Tokyo is a share house for 15 men and women. 2021, the concept of the house was changed and renovated, and it is a house where you can enjoy the analog touch. The concept of the house is to take the time to grind beans in a coffee mill or listen to your favorite music on vinyl records, and to spend your daily life with care and daring.


The largest share house in Chiba, Kashiwa HASH196

Kanto Chiba, Kashiwa HASH196 12 min walk from Kashiwa station on JR Joban line. A house that travels to 196 countries around the world.


Share house HASH196 in Chiba is the largest share house in the area with 100 people. Members of various age (ranging from 1 year olds to those in their 40’s), occupations, and nationalities, are gathered here.


Makuhari GlobalHUB for those who want to interact globally

Kanto Chiba, Makuhari GlobalHUB 12 min walk from Makuhari Hongo station on JR Sobu line. A place to be a base (HUB) for the whole world.


GlobalHUB is a share house in Chiba with a slightly different condominium type of 3LDK 13-unit structure. The 50 male and female members are a diverse group, ranging from students to business people and overseas members.


The ocean is the garden. Enoshima Umigamesha, a house for people who live naturally.

Kanto, Kanagawa, Enoshima Umigamesha, 8 min. walk from Kugenuma Kaigan Station, a house to live with nature.



The share house Umigamesha is located in Enoshima, Kanagawa, 5 minutes from the ocean. You can feel the sea breeze while spending time in this share house. Many of the members who gather at this share house live in a natural way and are free to do as they like.


A house that is filled with kindness・NEW OPEN in 2022 Shin-Koiwa kotonoha

Kanto Tokyo, Shinkoiwa kotonoha 3 min walk from JR Sobu line Shinkoiwa station. A House living with Gentle Kotoba(words)


NEW OPEN in 2022, this house is a share house created in collaboration with “Jiyu-chou” in Kuramae, Tokyo. Gentle words are found all over the house.


Kasai CANVAS, a community for creators and a house where talent gathers

Kanto Tokyo, Kasai canvas 17 min walk from Kasai station on JR Tozai line. creator share house.



A share house for artists, creators, art students, hairdressers, and other creative people.


Traveling House, Senrioka tabicco

Kansai Osaka, Senrioka tabicco 12 min walk from Senrioka station on JR Kyoto line. A house to living like traveling


This house, where 30 men and women who love to travel gather, was created as the first Kizunaya share house in Osaka. Since this share house is based on the concept of travel and international exchange, it attracts active members.


With books and travel. Tezukayama hitotoki

Kansai Osaka, Tezukayama hitotoki 8 min walk from Tezukayama station on Nankai Koya line.


A share house for 18 men and women based on the concept of books and coffee, hitotoki is a share house where you can relax and take your time, just like at a café. The “Mongatari Coffee” service was also born here at hitotoki.


Fuse FUKUHOUSE, a house with black and white simple design

関西 大阪・布施FUKUHOUSE 川内英和駅から徒歩5分




旅館で暮らす・和を基調にした雰囲気が特徴の家 天下茶屋chanoya

関西 大阪・天下茶屋chanoya 天下茶屋駅から徒歩8分


















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