<Sign up :How to register on the Residents-only page>

<Sign up :How to register on the Residents-only page>
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<Sign up :How to register on the Residents-only page>


<Sign up :How to register on the Residents-only page>


Welcome to Kizunaya Sharehouse!


At Kizunaya Sharehouse, we have a closed community page where only residents can log in.

On the private page, you will find a list of house operations and inquiry forms, as well as information about families’ interests, occupations, and values, which can be used as an opportunity for Kizunaya share house families across Japan to connect with each other.

All residents are required to register when moving in.
Please proceed with the sign-up below to create your own private page.

How to Sign Up


Please click on the link below for your registration.



■Profile photo ※Up to 8MB
→Icons will be square. You can crop it when uploading.


■Full name※Please enter your full name. Only your nickname will be shown on your profile.


■Email ※Your email will be your login username.


■Nickname※Your nickname is shown in your profile.

■Login password ※Please make sure to write down your login password, as it cannot be confirmed by the management.

・SNS (optional)

・Period of residence (optional)


※More than 200 letters will make it easier to show your attractiveness.
※Hometown, occupation, hobbies, favorite activities, etc. are all highly recommended.
※The reason for moving into a share house and what you would like to do with everyone at the share house are also recommended.



Click on the category name to switch the display of hashtags. (6 categories)
Please share your #interest with others!


After filling in all the information, please press “Register” to complete your registration.


Please confirm that you have received the following image and an email saying “You have been registered as a member” in your registered e-mail address.


Please go to the login page from “Log in”.


Take advantage of our House Family Only page, a lot!

After registration is completed, you can use the “House family only page“.


Take advantage of it and enjoy life in a Kizunaya Share House much more!


The page contains the following information


■Message to all residents

■Connecting through #love, Kizunaya community
Introducing the families of each house. You can search hashtags to find families who have common interests.


■News and blogs for Kizunaya families

■Management and operation manuals
・Familiarize yourself with the house life
・Enjoy shared life more
・Various application forms


Please come take a look on our various pages!

Edit your profile


Once you have logged in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the page to go to the Edit Profile page.


If you have any trouble in living in a share house, or if you are unclear about anything, such as making inquiries or using the community system, we ask that you first look at this page.
We would also be happy if you could use this page as an opportunity to connect with other Kizunaya families from all over Japan.




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