If you read this, you will understand! All of <Tezukayama hitotoki> is unveiled!!!

If you read this, you will understand! All of  <Tezukayama hitotoki> is unveiled!!!
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If you read this, you will understand! All of <Tezukayama hitotoki> is unveiled!!!


If you read this, you will understand! All of  <Tezukayama hitotoki> is unveiled!!!

[:ja]Tezukayama hitotoki is located 15 minutes from Namba Station.
The sharehouse based on the concept of books, travel, and coffee, hitotoki is a relaxing sharehouse with atmosphere like a cafe.
Located just 10 to 15 minutes from Namba and Tennoji, hitotoki has many foreign families, and the monthly terrace BBQ and international dinner parties are a great way to share a delicious time with gourmets. Otaya, the community manager of hitotoki, makes the such special time with her cooking.
Please take a look at the pictures of the community.

[:ja]Introducing the common area! A space where you can relax like a cafe.[:]

Here’s the common space at Tezukayama Hitotoki.
The sharehouse is from the 3rd to 5th floors. Here is the shared living room on the 3rd floor, and in the middle of the living room, there is a large tree. A person and a tree are where the name “hitotoki” comes from.
A collection of pottery that will make your coffee taste ten times better than usual.
This sharehouse is based on the concept of books, so you can share your favorite books with family members.
There is a library space on the fourth floor.

[:ja]The rooms are of two types: private rooms and private dormitories. This is a dormitory space like a private room.[:]

The private room has a bed, refrigerator, curtains and storage. Storage is spacious and easy to use! Rents are 39,000 yen~. The price depends on the size of the room.
Dormitory is a private room with a box bed.
You can have your own private space, just like a private room.
A separate fee of 15,000 yen is charged for private rooms and 12,000 yen for dormitories.
Utilitiess (electricity, water and gas), basic consumables and weekly cleaning service are included in the common charge.
Wi-Fi connection is a service for free.

[:ja]“I want here to be a place full of smiles. I want to be the sunshine that lights up everyone in the sharehouse family.”[:]

[:ja]That’s what Tezukayama hitotoki’s community manager, Osaya, says.
Kizunaya sharehouse is a sharehouse that values community. The community manager who works with the house family to foster that community.
Osaya, the community manager of Tezukayama hitotoki, runs her own bar. She is a guesthouse lover who loves to travel. So she came across Kizunaya sharehouse. I want to nurture the relationships with the people I meet here. She serves her signature dish to everyone and brings smiles to the families with a delicious time. She’s like the sunshine of hitotoki, making people smile just by being there.

[:ja]Connect with people sharing your favorites. Let's share your love for books, travel, and coffee.[:]

Info about Tezukayama hitotoki
Location: 8mins from Tezukayama station (Nankai Line)
Number of households: 16men and women
Rent: 39,000yen~ for a private room , 27,000yen~ for a dormitory room
The common charge: A private room 15,000yen, a dormitory room 12,000yen
The initial cost: 40,000yen (included administrative fee, cleaning fee upon leaving)
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