Welcome and welcome back to Japan! Foreigner Support Campaign

Welcome and welcome back to Japan! Foreigner Support Campaign
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Welcome and welcome back to Japan! Foreigner Support Campaign


Welcome and welcome back to Japan! Foreigner Support Campaign



Over the past few years, an increasing number of foreign students havd been unable to come to Japan due to the effects of Covid-19 and government had been restricted on entry.
However, the government has announced an easing of entry restrictions.
With the easing of restrictions, more international students are expected to come to Japan, and also we are receiving many inquiries from former international residents of Kizunaya who now want to live in a Kizunaya again because they will come back to Japan.



Therefore, Kizunaya Shared house has prepared a special promotion for international students and foreign people to help their new life in Japan smoothly, so that you can study a lot, play a lot, and enjoy your life in Japan to the fullest.


This promotion is always available. We hope you will take advantage of this promotion to make your life in Japan more wonderful.

【Foreigner Support Campaign】



1・Receive up to one month’s free rent when you move into an eligible house.


※Only if you can confirm your residence for more than 6 months.

※The following houses are eligible for this campaign.

Tokyo/Ikebukuro hug,

Chiba/Kashiwa HASH196,

Kanagawa/Enoshima Umigamesha,

Kanagawa/Chigasaki terasu

Osaka/Senrioka tabicco,

Osaka/Tezukayama hitotoki

Osaka/Himejima SHELF



2・For those coming from overseas, a room can be reserved for up to 4 weeks

In case you move in during the reservation period, rent will be charged from the date you move in.

3. Online preview available before coming to Japan

You can reserve a room through online viewing without actually visiting the House!





・The campaign will be applied only when you mention ” Using Foreigner Campaign” at the time of preview or inquiry.


・Campaign is only available for foreign residents who wish to move in for more than 6 months.


・Foreign residents who are already based in Japan are also applicable for this campaign.

・This campaign can be used with other campaigns throughout the year, such as 1-year discount.

・This campaign is eligible for the following houses.

Tokyo/Ikebukuro hug, Chiba/Kashiwa HASH196, Kanagawa/Enoshima Umigamesha, Osaka/Senrioka tabicco, Osaka/Tezukayama hitotoki



【The reason why Kizuna Share House is chosen】




When you move into a Kizuna Share House, you don’t need to pay a deposit, key money. nigher a guarantor. In addition, since furniture,home appliances, and internet wifi service are included, the initial cost is much lower than that of a regular rental apartment.Also, as a community-type shared house, there is a lot of social interaction among residents.



While there has been a trend in the world to refrain from going out and avoiding contact with others over the past few years due to Covid-19, we recommend the Kizunaya shared house for those who are stressed by living alone and not meeting anyone.


In addition, we offer both private rooms and dormitories. While dormitories in most of other shared house have bunk beds, Kizunaya shared houses have “box beds” that provide complete private space, so you can manage your time by yourself with private time in your space and socializing time in common space. Some houses are equipped with co-working spaces, MTG rooms, and other facilities that allow remote work to be completed entirely within the house.


<Private Dormitory in Kashiwa-HASH196->



Located in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, Shardd house HASH196 is a large international communication shared house with 7 kinds of common spaces. There is even a working space and a theater room.


<Living room in Makuhari -GlobalHUB- >


In addition, some of the target shared houses offer the “Hostel Pass,” an unlimited free stay service at partner guesthouses throughout Japan.

(Target house :Kashiwa HASH196(Chiba)・Senrioka tabicco(Osaka)



As a community-focused shared house, even if you don’t know anyone in Japan, you can make new connections and exchange through living in a Kizunaya shared house. Perfect for foreign people who want to learn Japanese through interaction! If you are nervous about communicating, we have a strong support system in place to help you through the orientation and follow-up time when and after you move in.




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We look forward to hearing from you.






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