<For Kizunaya residents>

<For Kizunaya residents>
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<For Kizunaya residents>


<For Kizunaya residents>
This is a request for residents who moved in before May 2021



<This article is for Kizunaya share house residents.>




Thank you for staying at Kizunaya Share house, we would like to inform and request all Kizunaya residents who moved in before May 2021.



In 2022, Kizunaya Share House brings you online community-building and revitalization of human connections.

As a first step, we are creating a private page where only residents can log in.

This page will allow only Kizunaya members to learn about each other’s interests, occupations, and values through online communication, and will be used as an opportunity for Kizunaya share house families all over Japan to connect as well.



We have received many comments from our residents that it would be great if there was a nationwide network of opportunities for people to learn about each other’s hobbies, interests, and common work or hobbies, outsource jobs, and create a network of friends.




Based on these comments, we are now creating a limited online page where you can connect not only with your own house, but also with other Kizunaya families all over Japan.

As a first step, we would like to ask you to fill out a questionnaire about the community.



Community questionnaire



For those who moved in after May 2021, this form is required prior to moving in, so it is only for those who moved in prior to May 2021.


The survey can be completed in 3 minutes and can be used to revitalize your own community.



We would like to create an opportunity for you to enrich your shared life and community, so please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire.





Deadline for responses: of April .10.2022

How to respond; Please fill out this form according to the content.

The first 100 respondents will receive a small gift.






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