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Nearly 100 families participated in the recent concept change presentation for tenants.

Thank you to all who attended.

In addition to the concept change, the management system of the share house will be renewed in February 2022. We’d like to introduce the management members as well. We’ re sure you’ll have many opportunities to meet the members in charge at the share house.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the management and operations.
We look forward to seeing you at the new Kizunaya share house.

General manager Yamada(satochan)

I have joined as the general manager of all the share houses from January of 2022. Since I live in the Kanto area, I may not be able to meet many people in the Kansai area, but I will support Kizunaya share house in the background.

▼Name (nickname)
Satomi Yamada (Sato chan)

Nice to meet you!
I’m Satomi Yamada (nickname: Sato-chan), and I’ve joined the management team of Kizunaya Share House. My zodiac sign is Boar, my star sign is Leo, and my animal fortune telling is Cheetah, so I was born under a carnivorous star, but I’m a quiet, faithful, and headlong
I’m shy at heart, but after working in sales and customer service at an apparel and cosmetics company for more than 15 years, I’ve improved my communication skills and enjoy talking with anyone.My hobby is listening to music (I love rock music in general!  )and love to go to live shows and music fests, but COVID-19 made it difficult. After, I realized that I wanted to go camping at some rock festivals. This is why camping was added to my hobbies a year ago.
I love to be in contact with nature, so I’d be happy to join you all for camping and other events someday!

I’ve been working in sales and management for many years, and now with good fate, I’ve officially joined the management team of Kizunaya Share House!
I’m a mother of two, and I’ve spent many days realizing the importance of spending time with my children while balancing work and raising children, and I’ve been wanting to change the work style so that I can spend more time with my children. Just as I was thinking this, I was offered a chance to work at a place where I would have the opportunity to challenge myself in a new way, and I felt that I was destined to do so, and I decided to trust my intuition and join them.
I personally believe that “working” means “making life positive, happy, and rich”, and where to work is very important to me. I’m grateful to work here with pride, and to be able to support people start a wonderful life through living in a share house where they can take on new challenges, feel comfortable, and connect with people with a wide range of values. I’m also very happy to be a part of Kizunaya Share House. Although I’m still learning about share houses, I’ll do my best to support the management in an enjoyable way, so please look forward to working with me!
Please feel free to say “Sato-chan” when we meet.

Secretariat Watanabe(Chiro)

I am in charge of the secretariat and consultation service for all houses. I mainly handle move-in and move-out procedures, and communicate with you via the official LINE and consultation form. Please feel free to contact me anytime as I will respond to your inquiries promptly and accurately.

▼Name (nickname)

I’m currently living in a Tobu Nerima share house with my husband, 3 year old son, and the rest of the house family. I’ve been living happily for 8 years since I found Kizunaya Share House, surrounded by everyone who I can say “I’m home” to every day.
I love to have dinner with everyone, and I often have dinner parties because I want to eat with everyone, but I often misjudge my cooking time. Then family say “Chiro’s Gohankai is always late”.lol
Everyone often tell me that “you make me feel relieved or healed”, and I feel happy everyday, but it is because of you that I am able to be the person I am today.

Living in the Kizunaya share house, I just loved the place and gradually began to think that I wanted to help in some way, and one day I joined as a management member.
That feeling hasn’t changed, I just love this place and I’m happy to be here, and that’s why I’m still here, hoping that there will be more people who feel the same way. And I’d be happy to help the Kizunaya share house spread.

I think it’s because of the share house that I’ve been able to learn and realize so many things in my daily life, and I think this is something that comes from having other people around and a relationship that allows us to communicate with each other, and I feel it’ an asset in our lives.

Because there is a warm place where you can come home and be welcomed by everyone.
Because there is everyone to enjoy the seasons and everyone’s celebrations with.
Because I have the opportunity to appreciate the thoughtfulness of each day.
It is a miracle just to pass by among so many people, but we can live under the same roof, spend time together, and exchange many things.
I’d like more and more people to experience the value and happiness of this way of life.
Thank you for meeting Kizuna House Share House. I look forward to your continued support!

KANTO housemanager / KANSAI house support Hatano(Akemin)

As the leader in charge of houses in Kanto, I mainly visit the houses for previews and cleanliness visits. I also visit the Kansai area a few days a month as Kansai support. I often see everyone face to face, so please don't hesitate to ask me if you need anything!

Name (nickname)
Akemi Hatano (Akemin)

I’ m Akemin, who joined the management team last year and was mainly in charge of the Kansai area. 2018, I met Kizunaya through a friend who was living at GlobalHUB in Makuhari, and I started living at tabicco in Osaka. I have repeatedly moved when I got a job or when a new house opened, and now I have lived in 5 Kizunaya houses. I really love new things, and talking with people is my favorite thing.My hobbies are reading, bedrock bathing, and love consulting. What I want to start doing in 2022 is running and improving my diets!  I’m a beginner, but I’m looking for some mates!

I simply love the community that Kizunaya has created, the warmth of the families who live here, and I love myself when I spend time at Kizunaya. Four years ago, I found Kizunaya, and no matter which House I went to, I always felt comfortable in a relationship where people were equal regardless of age, where many people could work hard at something, and where people could communicate with each other based on the feelings of others around them.Many times I was saved by the comfort feeling of being in the same house with people I could naturally trust, such as sitting around the dinner table with everyone, going on trips, playing board games, and talking in the living room at night.

It doesn’t matter whether you live alone or in another share house.I would love to share the good things I find while living my favorite share house, Kizunaya as a resident.  I aim to be like a matching app that connects people with each other, touching on their strengths, weaknesses, and values.
I wish to connect you with as many precious people as possible, and to make Kizunaya one of the most precious places for you.
I would like to create this place not only myself but also with all the family members.
Dear Kizuna family, thank you for your support!

KANTO house manager Hirota(Yutti)

I am in charge of houses in the Kanto area, and I mainly visit for previews and cleanliness visits. I often see everyone face to face, so please don't hesitate to ask me if you need anything!

▼Name (nickname)
Yusuke Hirota (Yutti)

My name is Yutti. I have a relatively peaceful personality and love people and community. I have many hobbies, including soccer, camping, mountain climbing, hot springs, saunas, and board games!
I also love to travel and meet new people and experiences, both in Japan and abroad! I’m proactive and excited to go anywhere and everywhere!!I’m not a very strong drinker, but I love drinking, so please invite me out a lot!  My favorite foods are yakiniku, ramen, and gyoza ( an old man?!) I want to have a dumpling party with everyone!
There are many things I want to try with family, but first of all, when it gets a little warmer, I want to go camping and sit around the campfire with a beer in my hand and talk together!

Hello again, I’m Yutti, and I’ve joined Kizunaya Share House as a management member in September!I was born in Okazaki in Aichi and spent most of my life in Okazaki, but I’ve always enjoyed visiting guesthouses, and loved communities where people gathered.Through a good chance, I had the opportunity to become an ambassador at tabicco, a share house in Osaka, for a month in June. There, I was deeply impressed by the warmth of the people at Kizunaya share houses and the limitless potential of share houses, and I strongly felt that I wanted to work together to make Kizunaya share houses thrive, so I decided to join the management team.There are so many things I want to do, but I love connecting people, so in 2022, I will make the Kanto area, which I am in charge of, more lively by encouraging exchanges between houses!  Specifically, I plan to organize many official events! Also, while visiting each house, I would like to pick up everyone’s ideas and support them to make their dreams come true.  Although I am a member of the management team, I am also a resident, so I hope to make many wonderful memories with family.
Thank you for your continued support!

KANSAI housemanager Miyoshi(PEipei)

I am in charge of houses in the Kansai area, and I mainly visit for previews and cleanliness visits. I often see everyone face to face, so please don't hesitate to ask me if you need anything!

▼Name (nickname)
Junpei Miyoshi (Peipei)

▼Self-introduction that shows your personality

Nice to meet you! I’m Junpei Miyoshi! I’m usually called by my first name, Junpei, but in the Kizunaya, people call me “Peipei” or “Pei-shi” like Pei-something, so please call me something”Pei”

I’m from Ishikawa and came to Kansai from university, but I’m a country person so I want to explore more new places! Let’s do it together!
When I was a student, I traveled overseas with a backpack, hitchhiked, dived, camped, and played soccer as part of my club activities, so I love interacting with various people, going out and exercising, and anything that excites me! I would like to share a lot of such excitement with everyone at Kizunaya!

I joined Kizunaya Share House as a management member in October 2021!My Kizunaya life began when I moved into hitotoki in Tezukayama as an ambassador in May! After that, in September, I also had the opportunity to be a photographer ambassador at tabicco in Senrioka!
This was my first time living in a share house after being asked by the Kizunaya family, and I realized the value of meeting and living together in a place where greetings are exchanged, meals are shared, and warmth cannot be felt alone.
The reason for living in a Kizunaya share house, the timing, and thoughts about living here may be different for each family, but just as I felt that way, I’d like to create a place where new encounters, experiences, learning, and challenges can be an opportunity for everyone related to the Kizunaya share house.
I am looking forward to meeting more and more families at the Kizunaya share house.
Thank you very much!

Website and PR maneger, Wasada (Wasachan)

This is Wasa who will be in charge of the website, newsletters, banner design, etc., which you may see at least once when you move in.

I’m Wasa, and joined the management team as the website and PR manager.
I used to live in Toiro, Tobu Nerima for about 4 years until about 2 years ago.


Now I’m living in Kawagoe, Saitama, which is my hometown. My favorite things these days are hot yoga and public baths, and my favorite foods are ice cream, spicy food, and wine.


It was about 7 years ago that I first met Kizunaya, when I attended an event hosted by Kizunaya through my friend. That was the first time I heard the words “share house,” and I had no idea that I would be living there a year later.

My first time in a share house, I enjoyed every day, and my days of going back home and forth to work were completely changed. I believe that the people I would never have met if I hadn’t lived in Kizunaya, and the warm space where people accept me without judgment, have had a great impact on my life. I experienced the life exactly as the concept change.

I really like the rooftop of toiro, and the birthday party held on the rooftop in the middle of summer is still one of my most memorable memories.

The story of how I joined Kizunaya is that I started to be a part of Kizunaya’s design work when I was a resident, and when “Monogatari Coffee” started, I became more deeply involved, and now I’ ve been officially welcomed as a member of the management team.

Therefore, I feel that the time has come for me to take on a new challenge, and I am very grateful to Kizunaya for giving me the opportunity to do so.
So, I’ ll do my best to let as many people as possible know about the charms of the Kizunaya Share House as the website and PR manager. I look forward to working with you.

Co-representative Masashi hiraoka / Yoshiko hiraoka

It' s been 10 years. We are a husband and wife team, and as co-representatives, we are mainly creating the future of Kizunaya Share House.

It’ s been 10 years since the Kizunaya share house was born. In the beginning, the share house started with only 15 people. Now, it has become a share house with a community of 350 people living with us.

As a new decade begins, Kizunaya Share House will restart with a new management system.This year will be a year of challenges for Kizunaya Share House. Not only expanding the share house, but also planning various projects such as the housing complex project, multi-site business, and cafe production, as well as many large events and projects that residents can be excited and can create together.

Living together, more than that.

We hope that this share house will become a place where each resident can find the “more” that you desire in 100 different ways, like 100 different people living together.

With wishes for a new decade for Kizunaya Share House. To those who live here, and to those who will meet in the future, we will continue to bring the value of shared living to you.




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