WELCOME Kizunaya! Nice to meet you, and to all the new families moving in. Here are a few tips on how to get used to the house. <NEW FAMILY LETTER vol.1>

WELCOME Kizunaya! Nice to meet you, and to all the new families moving in. Here are a few tips on how to get used to the house. <NEW FAMILY LETTER vol.1>
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WELCOME Kizunaya! Nice to meet you, and to all the new families moving in. Here are a few tips on how to get used to the house. <NEW FAMILY LETTER vol.1>


WELCOME Kizunaya! Nice to meet you, and to all the new families moving in. Here are a few tips on how to get used to the house. <NEW FAMILY LETTER vol.1>

Welcome to Kizunaya sharehouse. This article is for all the new families who have moved into Kizunaya sharehouse.

Before moving into a share house, what kind of living environment did you have? Did you live alone, at home, or in a share house? I’m sure you chose to live in a share house for a variety of reasons, and that’s how you came to know about and meet Kizunaya sharehouse.
Thank you for finding Kizunaya sharehouse! We’d like to bring you the NEW FAMILY LETTER from Kizunaya sharehouse, so that your life starting here will be as safe and comfortable as possible.

Part 1: Nervous and excited! When you’ve just moved into a share house, you’re sure to be nervous.
We’ll be bringing you tips and tricks for settling in quickly, from the perspective of the house family!

Everyone WAS a NEW FAMILY, and I’m sure you’ve all moved in with more or less a sense of nervousness. How did you manage to get used to such tension? We’d like to share with you the experiences of our house families. Let’s have a listen, please!

Four Kizunaya sharehouse Experiences! LOVE LETTER from Family Member, Chama!

“Chama”, a member of the Kizunaya family who has lived in four Kizunaya share houses in Tokyo and Osaka, is pictured here at tabicco in Osaka, where she stayed in her third house.

Chama, who is now loved by everyone, was a new family in the beginning. What was it like when you first moved in? Here is a report on the day we moved in from Chama’s point of view.

What was it like when you first moved in?

When I first moved into the Kizunaya sharehouse, I was filled with anxiety, wondering if I would be able to live in a share house, and whether I would be able to get along with all the people I didn’t know. However, Kizunaya sharehouse is full of warm families, and now it’s full of people I’m glad to have met.

When I first moved in, I was advised by the management staff, “You might be nervous for the first week or two, but try your best to come down to the living room!” I put it into practice. It was hard for me to remember the faces and names of the families, but they remembered me, and that led to natural conversation!

I really recommend going to the living room a lot in the first month! It’s a great way to remember everyone’s faces. I would like to know if you have any tips on how to get used to the house quickly, Chama style.

The first is to actively talk to people yourself. After a few simple greetings such as “good morning” and “welcome home,” you’ll start talking to them more and more, and sometimes you’ll be standing there talking for an hour.

Secondly! Participate in dinner parties as much as possible! In the Kizunaya sharehouse, there are many dinner parties hosted by the house family.
The more times you see them, the less nervous you’ll become, and it’s a great chance to get to know the families. It’s even better if you are willing to do the preparation and cleanup yourself.

Thirdly, play board games together! (lol) If you are not good at talking, I highly recommend getting into a game session. It’s easy to get to know each other naturally because you can have fun together through something in common.

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(We also recommend that you join the club activities that are being organized in each house.)

Games for sure! The time you can spend sharing something together, such as a game or a place at the table, will naturally bring you closer together. Finally, I’d be very happy if you could give a few words to the new families moving in! </strong

There may be a lot of anxiety at first, but the families living in Kizunaya are all unique and kind, and I hope that all of the NEW FAMILY members will be able to have a fun everyday life and get good inspiration from each other!

Thank you, Chama!
To all the new families, I hope you will find this helpful.

3 Years of Kizunaya sharehouse! LOVE LETTER from Family Memer, Take-chan!

Take-chan has been living in a share house for 3 years, and before that, she lived in a share house for almost 5 years in total ! We asked Take-chan, a veteran of share houses, about her experience. From the picture, the house looks very cozy. Take-chan is a mood maker with an at-home atmosphere, but what was it like for you when you first moved in?

Kizunaya is the second share house for me but when I moved into a house, I was so nervous . And I spoke in honorifics the whole time. lol

The first share house was just as global as the Kizunaya share house, and I felt overwhelmed to see so many foreign people in the shared living room.
My honest impression was, “Oh, the world really does exist.”

Living in a share house has expanded my sense of values!

Take-chan, who used to be so nervous, is now a real mood maker. I’d like to know your secret to quickly getting used to the House.

To be honest, there may be people in the same house family that you get a first impression of and think, “I feel like this person is not my type,” “They seem scary,” or “I don’t like them.” But in life, that’s normal, not just in a share house! It happens all the time.

But the more you know about a person, the less you care about the bad parts, and the more you see the good parts. So, first of all, you need to get to know the person.
My recommendation is to ask the family a bunch of questions! LOL!

There are many things you don’t like because you don’t know them. It’s true that the more you know, the more you like.

Also, I’m sure everyone who lives in the house thinks this, but if you actively participate in events such as dinner parties, you’ll be able to naturally communicate and fit in.

Thank you, Take-chan! The last question I would like to ask is what would you like to say to the new families moving into Kizunaya Share House?

I myself have been told by my boss that I am a shy person. I am not good at hierarchical relationships.
However, the people who gather at Kizunaya are basically open-hearted and friendly!

I really liked the fact that we could talk frankly regardless of age. I know you’ll be nervous at first, but as long as you stay natural, you’ll be absolutely fine, so please feel free to come!

Thank you,Take-chan!
Even that girl who looks like a mood maker was actually nervous at first.
We all have such experiences, so if you have the courage to jump in, I’m sure you’ll be welcomed with open arms. To all the new families, please be proactive and come down to the living room, especially in the first month!

We are still looking for more house family stories.We are waiting for you!

We’re looking for the real voices of house families so that new family can move in with a feeling of safety.

What was it like when you first moved in? How did you get used to it? What do you think is the most important thing? We would like to hear from you and create an opportunity to connect House families with new House families. The NEW FAMILY LETTER is a three-part series.Don’t miss it!

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