“Share house is a school of life”

We Invite to share my house as a true fellow and live as a second family.
This is called kizunaya share house,
our share house welcomes everyone with warm wishes and greetings.
You will come to know how good relationships are made in our share house.
In our share house we bring people together to live as a second family
and leave not a single chance to feel alone.



Six things the Kizuna cherishes


  • 「おかえり」「ただいま」のある生活


  • みんなで「いただきます」する幸せ


  • 「バイバイ」のない関係


  • 違いを受け入れ、認め合う関係


  • 嬉しい日は皆でお祝い


  • 一人の夢をみんなで応援




The kizunaya share house service was established in 2011 by masashi hiraoka(masashi)
with the simple policy of “connecting people”
We are happy to announce that our service came to popularity
by the word of mouth from 95% of our tenants for more than 5 years and
now we are proud that more people have come across to know about our services.
Our tenants are always satisfied with our services leaving no any space
for any kind of complains or dissatisfaction.

important things about kizunaya share house are:
“Tenants always have the opportunity to live freely without any interference on their things.”
“Tenants will have the feeling to share more good things about this house after living here.”
“We never leave any chance of complains from the tenants and incase if there is any complain in our service we are there to help you always putting your preferences on our first priority.”
“People come here from different backgrounds, unknown to each other but get connected with strong heart relations later.”

This place has a welcoming, friendly and kind environment for everyone’s comfort all the time.



Our present house is a new house after the complete renovation and a new setup. Previously we already had served more than 100 people in the period of 5 years with people from different backgrounds like engineers,video picture writers, students, investors, a kindergarten teacher.
We were happy to accumulate a nice sum of experiences with all these different people living together as a family.
Our share house has always the different experiences and services for different seasons.
At the end of the graduation party, we put a lot of memories on the wall with pictures of happy and smiling faces of everyone who has lived here so as to keep their memories connected with this house for a lifetime.
Even the people are changed, our policies and services are always the same trying to make everyone happy and satisfied all the time.
We believe that connection with people by heart is really important therefore we welcome everyone to live in our house with the warm home feeling environment and we hope that our society will come to know about us with the words of our happy and satisfied customers.

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